Thursday, May 01, 2008

Last year a friend of mine used to ask me how I came up with enough material to write a blog damn near everyday. I explained to her that some days I am typing what's on my mind, and other days people just do things to and around me, and all I am doing is reporting what I see. And then you have minor incidents, like the one that happen to me a short while ago, that I write about, so I won't scream on the people who annoy me.

Right up until I came into the building to work this morning, the day was going great. I had a great run, a good shower, good kiss from my girl, I was listening to new Roots on the ipod, and life was good. I got off the elevator, walked down the hallway towards my office, and I noticed two people having a conversation in the hallway. Now this particular hallway is such that three people in it at the same time is mighty tight. So tight in fact that I'm sure a violation of personal space would occur. Keep that in mind. Anyway, these two people were having a face to face conversation, and as I walked towards them, I realized that I couldn't walk behind either one of them, because the space was too tight. I knew I had to walk between them, which was ok, because surely as I got closer, one person would back up to make my walk through easier. That isn't what happened. They kept right on talking until I was basically face to face with both of them, and THEN i had to say excuse me to get by.

Now I am nice guy, I pay my taxes, I pray, and I have sex regularly, so I think I am entitled to a smooth hallway walk at my job. If you see me coming and you know you're blocking my path in a tight public space at my job, back the f*ck up and let me pass. Instead, these individuals stopped talking, breathed heavily like I had inconvenienced their world-changing conversation, and looked at me like I was Reverend Wright at a Obama rally.. Now for a minute I was doubting whether or not I was wrong in this situation, but in my unbiased opinion I was not. In my constant pursuit of a conflict free existence, I said nothing smart or mean, I just sat my ass down and blogged about it. Since everyone around here is so obsessed with meetings, I should call one and discuss hallway and personal space etiquette. I wonder how that would go over.

My Washington Wizards will live to see another day. Now I need to figure out who my lady and I have to have a threesome with to get some free tickets.

Lost & Found (Find Me) - Ledisi


Chubbs said...

As far as space-hogging goes, my least favorite has to be the stroller barge. When a woman thinks it's her god-given right plow through large crowds and block entrances and exits just because she has a baby stroller. Am I wrong? Sometimes I have awful thoughts of just pushing the stroller over to get by them. :-(

Jamal said...

There really should be some time alloted to be a ni__a during the day. I think this example represents a time where it would be excused.

lex said...

See im annoyed that they didn't move and i wasn't even there! Ugh. I hate that.

...or what about when you're walking down the hall and some one is walking towards you from the other direction, and its like both of yall are playing chicken as to who is gonna move first? That person is always me. Im always the nice one who gets out of the other person's way. I also always say sorry first. Even when im not @ fault! One time a chick banged into my shin w/ shopping bag while were in line at jcrew, and before she opened her mouth, i was all "oops sorry!" how crazy is that??

Your blog empowered me though. Im going to let the other person move next time - and i refuse to apologize when im not the guilty party.

but is that roots?

TM said...

I automatically say excuse me when passing between two people talking but I've noticed many that are simply rude as hell and have no damn home training. There is no reason for grown ass folks to have no manners.

Jo said...

They are idiots and yes, they should have backed the fuck up and let you pass! BTW . . .I remember a time before your blogs were family friendly and you actually wrote a blog entry about how you couldn't stand it when people used symbols instead of just using the whole dayum word, since everyone knew what the word was anyway . . .just a thought. ;o)