Saturday, May 03, 2008

My beloved Washington Wizards succumbed to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and I was pretty bummed about it. Not only do I now owe my barber $10, but I have to watch Lebron James and his Abraham Lincoln beard on television for two weeks if not more. People who know nothing or who are less than passionate about sports, say stuff to me like "What's the big deal? Its just basketball". And to those insensitive bastards, I would say that its not just basketball. I have been following the Washington Wizards/Bullets since 1987 when I moved to the DC area. I have seen numerous personnel, coaching and front office changes. I have been to numerous games and I've watched them when they sucked and when they were contenders. So when they win, I'm happy, and when they lose I feel like I was on the court with them. Its almost like watching my son play...almost.

When I talking to my main man Ryan over at Hoops Addict, he told me that as I began to cover the Wizards more and more and bring myself more exposure, I'll have to make this blog more discreet. I don't necessarily have to tone myself done and become boring, but I have to keep in mind that people are watching. And I would hate for a major publication to not hire me to work for them because they see a blog entry like this. I started writing this blog, because I knew if at least one person read this blog more than once, it would keep me on my toes and force me to write. But my ultimate goal is to write and get paid for it. I know this sounds like I am getting ready to shut this blog down, but I'm not. I may move it to and make it a bit more discreet..i don't know what the hell I'll do. I'm rambling.

I just opened a bank account with my girlfriend today. The magnitude of that kicked in a few minutes ago. The "M" word is officially following me around, and soon and very soon, I just may have to sit it down and hear what it has to say.

Closer - Goapele

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lex said...

a few things:

1. i was rooting for the wizards for you homie..alas. Next year though. washington and philly in a duel to the death @ the eastern conference finals.

2.Um i didn't even see that entry...wowsers. lol you do have a way with words. Btw...if you move to WP, then i move. See how i just flipped it? The onus is now on you buddy!

3. Congrats on that step. Thats huge. Combining finances is major. Ooh you so boo'd up and nasty! :) That M word is following you around like the letter U followed smokey robinson on that sesame street vignette. Listen to it Rashad! and once you about it. :)