Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My neighbor clearly has not come home since Saturday afternoon. That bottle of wine is still sitting outside of her door, yet up until now I simply did not have the heart to take the bottle back and drink it defiantly. What kind of person moves in on a Saturday, and then stays away for a few days? I had an in-depth discussion about this with my lady, and we both decided that it would be wrong to take the wine back. But at least 8 times last night and again this morning, we looked outside the peephole to see if the wine was still outside her door, and indeed it was. I can honestly say that I won't continue to be generous like this, and if I come home today and the wine is there, I'm taking it back, bringing it back into my apartment, and I will give that wine the treatment it deserves. When my neighbor proves to me that she can be a consistent and present neighbor, then I will shower her with wine and welcome gifts. Until then, she gets nothing.

Speaking of my apartment, there is some part missing in my building's A/C unit, and the air won't be working for 2 weeks. 2 WEEKS! Nevermind that it was 85 degrees yesterday, and it will be 91 degrees this weekend, we are just supposed to suffer until they get their stuff together. I talked to people who are smarter than me in these matters and they basically said I'm stuck. I could go to court and open an escrow account, but by the time I do all that, the air will be back on. Ideally, I would like a discount on my rent but that ain't happening. I think a fair compromise is me buying a window A/C unit temporarily, showing the receipt to my rental office, and then subtracting that amount from my rent. I can't wait to own.

And to top off this cranky entry, I had to hear about a date my mother went on last night. I respect that my mother has needs and she deserves to be happy, but the thought of her dating simply disgusts me. She should have had a daughter if she wanted discussions like that with her children.

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lex said...

This neighbor is indeed intriguing...hmm maybe he or she are undercover spies or something. ooohh!

No one should have to listen to stories about parents and dates. No one. I always like to imagine that my parents live the lives of ascetics - never indulging in fleshly delights. lol I'm sorry you had to suffer through that buddy.