Saturday, May 31, 2008

So last night my my lady and I were chilling at a bar, minding our business, when I noticed a large party next to us. At first I paid them no mind, because they just looked like regular people drinking and having a good time. But upon a closer examination of the faces, I realized that these weren't just any group of people. I saw Thomas Boswell, then I saw Mike Wise, and sitting right near me was Dan Steinberg who writes the Sports Bog.

So I quickly realized I was in the presence of Washington Post employees, and I got excited. Its no secret that I aspire to be sports writer for a major publication, and the Post would be a damn good place to write. So I instantly wanted to switch from drinking to networking mode, although I must admit the buzz I was feeling would have made it a challenge. But it was clear that these Post employees were not in work mode at all, so I really couldn't figure out how to step to them without looking annoying. So I didn't. I just sat there like a jackass, hoping that one of them would walk close enough to me, so I could introduce myself and all that. But it never happened. My lady said it was just as well, and I would have made a fool out of myself. I have mixed feelings about it all this morning. Perhaps I should tried to plug myself a bit...

Ante Up - M.O.P.


lex said...

wow thats a pretty big deal. its understandable that you got a little flustered. lol

your lady knows best(we always do lol )so if she says you weren't in any condition to approach them then its good you didn't.

Just be on your Ps and Qs for next time. Don't be scurred!

soft&subtle said...

Rashad, never let an opportunity slip pass you when it comes to your dreams. You should've approached the gentlemen; you have charisma, intelligence, and a passion for sports. You could've started the conversation with your admiration for their writing and your aspiring to be like them. Every human being enjoys compliments and that would've been a perfect time to come out of your comfort zone. The time will come again. For example, Pierce Brosnan was afforded the opportunity to play James Bond and the part got away from him. Years later the part came up again, he took it and grossed a billion dollars in ticket sales alone; he's been playing that part (successfully) ever since. The opportunity will arise again and when it does, take it by force Mobley; don’t stop until you achieve you dreams.

one soulful negro. said...

that rock and a hard place. that moment where you can either come off as a eager professional looking to catch your break or some annoying asshole all up under someone because of their status.

man i'm sorry you didn't get your chance to network with them, but hopefully you'll have another opportunity. knowing dc like i do and seeing random folks i admire myself in the most random of spots the chance will come and the opportunity will present itself. just be patient. it'll come.