Tuesday, May 06, 2008

So the other day, I was sitting at home watching a documentary on how Stevie Wonder's Songs in the Key of Life was created. It was basically Stevie sitting in front of various instruments, and explaining how he came up with melodies, hooks, lyrics, etc. There were also interviews with some of the musicians who originally played with him on the album. While I was watching this, I was just amazed at the genius of Stevie. I mean I've know he was talented and a genius for quite some time, but to see him playing the keyboards, the drums, humming melodies and writing lyrics about things he has never even seen is incredible if you really think about it. Even when Stevie releases a CD that is garbage, you almost want to give him a pass, because of all the songs that he did that were simply perfect. And he does all of this, and still maintains a wonderful sense of humor. If I could write well enough to touch and inspire people the way Stevie has/does, I'll be a happy man. Here's an excerpt:

I think it would be interesting to take different people in this country, and track how and where they spend this stimulus package. I know some folks who plan to just throw it in savings, and act like they never even got it; I know people who are already planning trips and purchases with the money before they even get it; And then you have those people who bitch and moan about it not being enough given the soaring prices of everything from gas to orange juice (which I paid $4.99 for on Sunday). Still, if I had the resources, I'd like to track and analyze 10 people, and see what they did with that extra money, and then at the same time watch for any changes in the economy. This sounds like a school assignment or something. But I think that so many people are just happy to get money, that the long term effects simply get ignored.

Love's In Need Of Love Today - Stevie Wonder

Ooh Baby - X-Clan

I know I shouldn't post an X-Clan and a Stevie song together, but whenever I hear this Stevie song, I always want to hear the X-Clan one, and vice versa. Its not hard to figure out why. Take a listen

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lex said...

Dude. What station was this on? I can't believe i missed it. Im a stevie freak. Songs in the key of life is an amazing(if tad overrated)album. I had no idea he had that many musicians working with him. i mean really...michael sembello? Who knew?

she's a maniiiiaccc

lmao @ stevie not remembering the words to isn't she lovely. wasn't that written for his daughter? I guess with a catalog as vast as his youre bound to forget some lyrics.

but yeah ngiculela? that songs gives me the warm fuzzies somethin serious.

Stevie is awesome man.

btw your writing has inspired me. (remember? im now empowered to let other people move out the way first!) im know im one of the little people, but it proves youre on your merry way. :)