Thursday, May 29, 2008

Someone commented in my blog the other day, that is was possible that my intern had finally gotten his stuff together, thus sparing him from my inevitable wrath this summer. I would have loved nothing more than to see some maturity, but unfortunately, I have had no such luck. Yesterday was his first full day, and he annoyed me just as much as he did before. He must be boycotting his barber AND the brush, because he had no shape up, no facial hair trim, no nothing (although he later mentioned he was trying grow a beard). About 5 or 6 times during the day, I would catch him just sitting there looking into space, and I caught him in the hallway doing the same thing. I gave him about a 15 minute explanation of what I expected him to accomplish this summer, and I doubt he retained it. And then there were his glorious, creepy stories of him resting his head in his grandfather's ample beard(I'm not making this up). I asked him if he did this when he was younger, and he said that this was something he still did. I asked him if his grandfather was in any way a member of Catholic church, but he said no. And to top it off, he went the entire day without eating anything, but about 7 or 8 Now or Laters. I don't know if he was channeling his inner Gandhi or what, but the Now or Later diet just isn't the way to go. I don't know whether to leave him alone this summer, make his life hell, or attempt to mentor him once a again. I'll probably throw in elements of all three.

I feel like Woody Allen here obsessing over a bottle of wine that I bought for my neighbor, but for the fifth consective day, I have to talk about it. The wine was still sitting out there yesterday when I got home, so when my lady got home, I asked her to pick it up and give it a proper home in our kitchen. She wouldn't let me drink it though, but she suggested we wait until we know our neighbor is home, and then bring it over. But I get home a full hour before my lady, so that bottle is as good as gone today or tomorrow.


Kawana said...

Hmmm, I think you're thinking too hard about dude. Granted you have to work with him and deal with his issues, but I think you can save yourself a lot of time if you just ignore him. I know it sounds simple but why waste any more blog/mind space on this looser.

The blogs are funny as hell though. I keep trying to imagin this hair. OK, maybe one more blog but only if it's with a picture of this dude.


nichole said...

yeah, you need to snap a camera phone pic or something.

re: the bottle of wine--
sometimes people move into a place but aren't fully ready to move in, as far as furniture and turning on lights and all that.

rashad said...

If i didn't work in a gov't building, i would have been snapped a pic and slapped it up here.

Sab D said...

Hey, maybe the intern is going with the Kendrick Perkins Goatee

nichole said...

well, you need to fake him out then.
tell him you want to take a picture together to commemorate the professional relationship or some such nonsense.

curious blog readers must see this man!

lex said...

I'm so happy the intern is back! I'm going to need more detail about him resting his head on grandpas (ample)beard though. Once the context is there, perhaps it won't seem so weird....and disturbing.

I can't wait till you finally meet your neighbor(s). its gonna be like when the wizard of oz was revealed behind the curtain.