Monday, June 02, 2008

As I stepped into work this morning, I noticed that my intern was stuck down in the lobby of the building. He had lost his ID for the second time in less than a week, and if the security guard had not brought it to his attention, he would have left his cellphone in the lobby too. The loss of his badge is going to cost him some money, so hopefully that will teach him to be more responsible. I almost felt bad for the kid, but not really. Oh and on Friday, he tried to ask out one of the other students in my offce on a date...via email. I believed he asked her if she would "chill" with him. This man needs a reality show.

My neighbor finally moved in permanently, and once I saw this I promptly placed the fine bottle of white wine back in front of her door. Within 20 minutes, the wine was picked up, and now I truly feel like a charitable person. Now, the next challenge is to see when and if she says thank you. Mind you, I don't give gifts to get things in return, but still, some form of thank you is in order.

If there weren't creepy people in the world, I would put a picture of my nephew in this blog today. The last time my nephew was in town, he acted like he was scared of me. This time around he was much more playful and talkative. I also learned of his fear of motorcycles and helmets. Every time we would walk or drive past a motorcycle, he would start whining. Even if he saw any type of helmet on tv, he would start whining too, despite me telling him to man up. My fears when I was a youngster were of the Incredible Hulk show, and this Michael Jackson poster, in which MJ's eyes seem to follow me all around the room. Anyway, I had a great time with brother, his wife and my nephew, and I can't wait until they move here permanently.


asabi said...

how long does a lil boy have before he is expected to "man up"? i've had this convo with my brother about his son alex who just turned 4. I dont think he was even out of diapers before he was telling him to stop acting like a baby..huh?

rashad said...

unrealistically, a lil boy needs to man up at 2. realistically, traces of manning up need to be peppered in starting at 7 or 8. i'm totally making this up by the way

asabi said...

what if your child is a hermaphrodite? lol (im in the midst of reading MiddleSex by Jeffrey Eugenides..great book on the subject)

lex said...

Yay! im so happy your mysterious neighbor finally appeared and got the wine. Aren't you happy you didnt drink it?

Your nephew is growing up...but yo u better be nice to him before he starts wishing you into the cornfield. lol :)