Friday, June 13, 2008

Here are a list of things that have happened today, Friday, June 13th:

1)There was a fire on the train, so I had to walk to work

2)The power was out in spots of downtown dc, so traffic lights didn't work, parking garages were closed, and the building where I work was completely in the dark for 2 hours.

3)I came back home, and there were two people painting my walls...and I wasn't even aware this was going to happen today. I walked and said, "What the fuck is this?" (sorry i'm not editing that). They told me that I should have received a letter about work being done today and next week. I got no such thing.

4) I was supposed to get paid today, but there was some type of mix up, and i have yet to get my money. I need my money, since this is father's day weekend.

I wasn't a believer in friday the 13th jinxes before, i am now. This day just feels weird. I don't really feel like blogging right now, just wanted to share my misfortunes with the world


asabi said...

sorry that you are having a bad day..that's pretty "creepy".

Anonymous said...

Sorry Rashad...

lex said...

what a series of unfortunate events!

all you needed was a camp crystal lake and you'd have yourself a movie.

but yeag thats bogus they messed up your money man. My job did that once and i was fit to be tied. I hope your weekend worked out regardless :)