Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How you get sized up at a new job

Female coworker (FC): Hey Rashad, you want to go to lunch today?
Her: No thank you I brought my lunch
FC: Oh what did you bring?
Me: sandwich and an apple, nothing special
FC: can i sit in your office with you, while you eat?
Me: Nah
FC: are you telling me now?
Me: Yep
FC: You must be whipped or in a relationship
Me: Yes and Yes, but that's not why
FC: then why won't you have lunch with me?
Me: I like to read the paper and relax and lunch, plus i'm not trying to see you chew
FC: Ok, i'll leave you alone
Me: good deal

I'm not falling for the banana in the tailpipe.


lex said...

huh? does she know you well enough to feel comfortable talking to you in such manner?(re: "you must be whipped or in a relationship")

at any rate she was going to the basket hard. why would she want to sit in the office with you while you eat? Just to watch? Creepy.

of course you could have been nicer but then that wouldn't be you

i think we have our first character to take place of the intern though! lol

Bashful said...

Dag man! She mine as well just bent over and said, "here it is." LOL!

sixfive said...

wow, she DID go hard.

one soulful negro. said...

wow. she just sort made it all available to you.


Anonymous said...

You sound like you've got a hell of an ego. Since when is it a crime to ask a coworker to lunch? Did you think for a second, maybe her response stemmed from the fact that she just got "rejected", in a pretty harsh way? I am in disbelief over all these people are congratulating you on being unnecessarily rude to someone. Get over yourself.

rashad said...

there's no crime in her asking me to lunch, just as there is no crime in the way I responded. I basically posted a conversation, and folks reacted the way they saw fit. but since you've joined the party, keep reading and give your opinion about her asking me for a massage later. And you have to know that if I put MY name in the url of MY blog, there will be a sizable dose of ego involved.