Monday, June 16, 2008

I had the sex talk with my son by the way, and it went about how I expected. I talked, and he looked absolutely bewildered. He knew some things about sex already, which was impressive, but otherwise he was uninterested. I explained to him that this will be ongoing thing, he said he understood. He starts middle school in August, and lord knows what kids are doing now at that level. He needs to to speak. I hope he waits until he's 18..

I bought new underwear last week, which is not really blog worthy, except for the fact that there is no hole in the front. Most male underwear has a little peep hole for the johnson to breathe. These underwear suffocate the johnson, so when its time for a little urinal action, I have to go through great leaps and bounds, to free myself from captivity. And any extra movements at a man's urinal are highly suspect, so I can't buy anymore undies like this. how's that for tmi?

I can't stand first days on new jobs..the training, the new people, the introductions, the lost, overwhelmed look in my eyes..


Janelle said...

ohhh thank you for the undie tmi...what happened to a warning mannnn?? hahahaha

The first talk is the hardest..the rest should be easy. But, hey what the hell do I know about kids?? hahahaha

Congrats and good luck with the new j-o-b.

lex said...

aww i hate being the newbie on the job! I'm rooting for you bro.

I'm sad at the loss of our beloved intern *pours out a little liquid paper* but i'm sure they'll be a new cast of characters just as, if not more, exciting/vexing.

Congrats on broaching the subject of s-e-x with your son. That was mighty fine of you.

I'm not gonna address your tmi...ok maybe i will. Did you not know the underwear had no peephole? Or were you trying something new?

Chubbs said...

I think you bought lady's know, the boxers for women. I dunno--but stores sell boxers for ladies, and they do not have the peep-hole. You should return them...unworn, of course.