Monday, June 30, 2008

I now officially live in a household, where place mats on the kitchen table are a way of life. For years I have dared to eat on a "naked" table, putting crumbs, wine, water, and anything else you can think of directly on the table. I used to go to other people's houses, see their stuck up little place mat existence and laugh at them. I would hear requests like: "Be sure you stay on the place mat", and "Would you mind cleaning the place mat when you're done", or my favorite, "Can you put the place mats out so we eat?". Even my late grandmother was a big supporter of the place mats in her household. She had these giant orange place mats, that were seemingly stuck to the kitchen table. I remember trying to take them off the table one time, and they made this Velcro-removing type noise, and my grandmother asked me what the hell I thought I was doing. I smoothed that place mat right down, and never again did I dare dislodge the damn place mats.

But its a whole new world now. In preparation for my sister-in-law coming to stay with us for 2 weeks, my lady decided to show off and went out and bought the place mats you see in the picture above. Before she gently laid them down, she took a dishrag, and wiped the kitchen table down like a woman on a mission. Yes there were crumbs on the table, but that was only because I had just eaten some Ritz crackers, and I had yet to clean them. Still, she made comments that the presence of crumbs on the table was even more justification for these place mats. Even now, as I type this entry from my kitchen table, my laptop is laying on top of our beloved place mats.

When I showed my lady the place mat picture I planned to use in my blog this morning, she tried to tell me NOT to use it because they looked wrinkled and I just started laughing. So if any of you people are lucky enough to make it into our place mat filled household, please say something nice about them, or touch them, or smooth them out, or something.

Got To Be There (a capella) - Jackson 5


Anonymous said...

cute :)
my bff is obsessed with her place mats..she has them in 2 colors

Chubbs said...

next stop--Doillies

Anonymous said...

good idea chubbs!

placemats, doillies, throw pillows & potpourri. OH MY!

~the placematted ladyfriend~

nichole said...

i was totally thinking about the wrinkles but wasn't gonna say anything.
you should iron them since your ladyfriend has gone to the trouble of picking them out and attempting to civilize your barbarian tastes. :)

lex said...

lol @ stuck up little place mat existence.

you're learning etiquette and protocol Rashad. Don't balk, bask! :)