Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I suppose I should have done this before now, but I need to take some time to research what it is these superdelegates are all about. I want to know what the qualifications are, how much service you have to put in, how many people you have to sleep with, and if that title can ever be revoked. I see random politicans appear on television with the title of superdelegate appearing under their name, and I'm like who knew Perhaps there is a database that lists all of them along with their contact information. Personally I think from one year prior to the presidential election, right up until that magical November date, all superdelegates should be required to wear capes during their public appearances. This will allow uninformed people like myself, to truly understand what is going on, and it will also allow these delegates of the super variety to feel like the heroes they claim to be. Its a win-win situation.

How early in the day is it acceptable to roll the sleeves up on a long sleeved shirt? On my way to the train this morning, I saw people who had gone head first into the high sleeve roll, and it was barely 7am. Its only 55-60 degrees outside, and the warm weather isn't expected to hit until later on today. What drives someone to disrespect their outfit so early in the morning? Me myself personally, I refrain from such behaviors until a)the weather is warm or b)I have eaten lunch and I am trying to come up with any method I can to stay awake. I know this probably feels like I stole it from Seinfeld, but I didn't. This really crossed my mind.

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sixfive said...

I agree. The sleeve-roll is an afternoon maneuver; breaking it out too early is an amateur move. Sometimes I even wait til I'm walking home.

LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

You have to be a party leader. NPR interviewed this 21 year old dude who was the President of his college's young democrats club. He's a super delegate and has had multiple calls from Chelsea. So you don't have to even have that much experience. You have to have the right title.