Monday, June 23, 2008

My brother is in town from Atlanta once again, to interview for jobs and to find housing for his wife and child. He just got in about 15 minutes ago, and the first thing he did was hand me a booklet of picture my mother made for me two weeks after my son was born. I thought I had lost all these pictures in the fire, but apparently my brother had this booklet. The above picture was taken two weeks after my son was born. I was 22 years old, and scared out of my mine.


KCHOP said...

I would have done the same thing!!! You were right for knocking his ass down and he was wrong for not taking other people's safety into consideration.


Janelle said...

aww that's beautiful. But ummm were you too scared to put on a shirt??? And why does everyone have one a pic with their dad/granddad/male figure in your life shirtless??

But I'm glad you got some of your pictures back. :)

lex said...

wow what a great picture! i can only imagine what thoughts were going through your head as you contemplated this new life that you were suddenly responsible for. Lemme stop, your thoughts prolly weren't all that deep. I bet they were more along the lines of:

"how much more of this bonding stuff before i can get back to the game?" :P

oh yeah...i got my fingers crossed for your brother :)

p.s. i'm with janelle...why does everyone have a pic with their shirtless dad?

Miss Black River said...

Love that pic. You look so vulnerable and protective. Awww.