Friday, June 27, 2008

The NBA draft party went a lot better than I thought it would go last night. I was nervous right up until the moment I stepped in the press room, and then the hoops addict in me kicked into high gear. There were flat screens all over the place with all kinds of pre draft analysis. There were some of my favorite local and national sportswriters and journalists, talking about who was going to get drafted where, and who the Wizards were going to pick. And of course most importantly, there was an impressive spread of food, and all the ice cream I could handle. So you see, there was no room for nervousness. Either I had to eat and stuff my face, or watch the flatscreens.

It took exactly an hour and a half, to get someone to talk to me, which is pretty impressive. Some guy left out to make a phone call, and when he came back in the room, he asked me who had been drafted, and I filled him in with the details, and then he asked me other basketball related questions, and I dazzled him with my knowledge..I also was wondering why HE didn't know this, since he had to have done his homework prior to the event. I also met some other people that 90% of you wouldn't know, so I wont even bother name dropping. The reality is that most of what I took in last night, is for basketball junkies, and based on the millions of you who comment on my basketball article, I don't know that you all would be interested. But the point is, I got thru the event, I didn't make friends, but I wasn't hermit man either, so that's a minor victory. The next time I am in the room with this people, I will be a bit more confident. Baby steps. Now if this audio that I got during the press conference doesn't come out clear, I am going to cry.

If you're scoring at home, or if you're alone, I have been propositioned for lunch at work, asked to give a massage, and then yesterday before my co-worker left, she asked me if I went home every night and told my girlfriend how crazy she was...It was at that point I looked at the camera and smiled. If she only knew how I will be trashing her ass in this blog like nobody's business. Although I am curious if anyone I've ever worked with has taken shots at me in written blog format. I would love to roll up on something like that, and link it here in this blog..

And now, because I had a dream about it, here is one of my favorite videos from the 90s..notice how Lalah Hathaway does one dance the ENTIRE video.


maxwellsmusze said...

lalah clearly took a page from the house party movie w/that style of dancing. hahahaha!

i'll refrain from posting the youtube clip of the dance off in your blog but i'm sure ya'll know the dance.

lex said...

So did the audio come out? Don't leave us hanging.

I'm glad to read that you didn't stand around holding your nuts all night. That would have been tragic.

rashad said...

the audio was golden. if you go to and look for the "in the scrum with ernie grunfeld" you can listen. and yes that's a plug!!