Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Perhaps I should have waited until the night time to blog yesterday, because my day definitely took an unexpected turn for the better. First off, I was able to attend the Washington Wizards workout and that continues to be both a fun and nerve-wracking experience, that I would NOT trade for the world. Secondly, I had a great talk with intern. I basically told him that he should have BEEN fired, but for some reason someone other than myself felt sorry for him. I told that if he was responsible 90% of the time, he would get the benefit of the doubt when something came up that caused him to leave or miss work. But when he is constantly irresponsible or missing in action, he starts to gain the rep as a bum. He kept apologizing to me, and I told him to save it, and just do better. Of course 10 minutes later, my supervisor lit into his ass something terrible, so he left work scared and looking like this We shall see if that actually translates into any action.

And then in a bizarre twist of fate, I found out late in the day on Monday, that I am being transferred to another floor in my building. I had met with my boss to see what other options were there for me, and the wheels had quietly been in motion since then, and yesterday it finally happened for me. So the new position will provide more of a challenge, it will give me new things to learn, and it will free me (and unfortunately this blog) of my beloved intern. This also pushes me one step closer to my ultimate goal of having a job that allows me to work in isolation, away from the cruel world of co-workers, office parties, and work happy hours. I asked my coworkers to not throw me a party or give me anything, but if they must, I prefer cold hard cash as my parting gift.

Yesterday I am watching NBC Nightly News, and Brian Williams was interviewing the 234 year old John McCain. He asked McCain a specific question about the rising gas prices, and then he peppered in some comments that Obama made about McCain's role in these high gases prices. So of course McCain took the bait, and COMPLETELY ignored the high gas price question, and he criticized Obama, then started talking about how he voted in the past 4 years in relation to this issue. I wanted to throw a plate of my delicious macaroni salad at the screen. Obama and McCain need to relax on criticizing one another, and they definitely need to talk a little less about what they have done in the past. Times are a bit more urgent than they were even 6 months ago, so if they want my vote, and I suspect it is this way for other Americans, they need to start laying out definitive plans of actions to cure the nations ills. If they doesn't happen, both candidates will see a curious number of prospective voters just stay home rather than vote.


Anonymous said...

ceiling cat is classic..

Janelle said...

Professionally: Congrats on the new position and the forward movement towards the quest of professional isolation.But can't you interact with the intern at least once a week? That doofus needs his own reality show. LOL

Politically: This part of the campaign is like poker. You can't reveal your hand until you see more of what your opponent is doing with their hand. They spend more time criticizing their opponent as to not give opponent ammunition to cut them down. If Hillary would have kept her mouth shut about sniper fire, who knows where she would be (actually, probably exactly where she is now...hahahaha).

Sidebar: Ummmm can you find me a husband at one of these workouts??? I think I'm ready to settle down with a man who's never home and preoccupied with "work" ao I can have my space??? hahahahahahaha