Friday, June 06, 2008

The saga involving me, my lady and our neighbor is finally over. My lady informed me that when she left out yesterday morning, our neighbor thanked her profusely for the fine bottle of wine we bestowed upon her. She mentioned that she has never gotten such a thoughtful gift, and she was extremely thankful. She also mentioned that we were invited over to her apartment one day in the future, to enjoy a fine bottle of wine. I am still bothered that it took a chance meeting in the hall for her to say thank you, but I won't be an ass about it. There's no way in hell that I am accepting an invite to drink wine in her apartment, when the sweet confines of my own apartment are right across the hall. I just wanted her to knock at the door and say thank you, but that won't happen. I shall let it go now..finally.

My son graduates from elementary school next Thursday, and his mother called me to say that he wants to wear a suit to graduation. Initially, I was annoyed because she called to tell me this in the middle of the game, but a few minutes later I was able to appreciate this moment. Instead of sending the money for a suit, or buying one up here, and then sending it down, I do believe I am going to drive down to Hampton, and take the youngster to a department store, so he can get fitted for a quality suit, shirt, tie, shoes, etc. Kids his age usually detest the whole suit idea, and the fact that he is so gung-ho about it all, is quite encouraging. I may even have to take a picture of the youngster, and post it up here.

And yeah I know the Lakers lost, so I was wrong. sue me.


lex said... with you, your neighbor should have made the effort to knock on your door to say thank you. But we won't harbor on that. Suffice it to say she enjoyed the gift. And thats what giving is all about.

Congrats with your son! Wow middle school is next. Oooh. You ready? And what a great thing to do, go shopping with him and school him on the finer points of fashion. He's already on the right track for requesting a suit. Most kids would want some fresh denims and a polo for the occasion.

sixfive said...

Just came here to say thanks for getting your prediction wrong. Go C's.

and glad that woman thanked yall, sort of.

Anonymous said...

i wore a three-piece suit for my first grade school pictures. we already had to wear uniforms, but i decided to upstage everyone by donning a baby blue number topped off w/ a burgundy tie.

i don't know what i was thinking. i can't say the little ladies liked it and the suit was especially problematic during recess.

maxwellsmusze said...

bwahahahaha@ MG!!! That burgundy tie set it off.


Anonymous said...

ummm did you say department store? that sounds old as hell.. ha

Chubbs said...

so happy the Neighbor Saga is over...

And I'd love to see a pic of the sweet!!! Congrats to you and to him.