Saturday, June 07, 2008

Saturday observations:

-I ran into some Clinton supporters on the train and around my neighborhood, and judging by what I saw, gay people LOVE them some Hillary. I think they were coming from Hillary's concession speech today. I saw buttons, t-shirts, banners, etc. At one point, I looked at the gay couple next to me, and I asked them, "So how did things work out today?" And of course they went on talking about the speech and the atmosphere, and they just TOTALLY missed my sarcastic tone. So do they save all this Clinton paraphernalia until 2012, or do they just put it on eBay or something?

-Dragonflies are the WORST insects on the face of this earth. I don't know whether they sting or not, but I do know they fly around, buzz loud and quite honestly they scare me. Plus they can change directions and stop on a dime like Barry Sanders They are way worse than cicadas, because at least with them, I can swat and step on them.

- For the first time since last year's ordeal I purchased some tennis shoes. You have no idea how hard it is for me to find something I like. and my lady told me I should buy a few more pair, which will be utter agony. Speaking of shoes, I wish I could wear sandals. I saw so many men while I was out and about, with nice sandals and all that. Unfortunately my toenails look utterly horrible. I should take a picture of them, and scare everyone who reads this blog.

-If you want to piss off another couple, the best thing to do is buy flowers and then walk down the street. I bought my lady flowers, and on my way back home, I walked by at least 10 couples. Each of the women would look at my flowers longingly, and the man would look at me as if to say "Thanks a lot buddy".

That's all for today, its too hot to be writing

Glow - Kelis



lex said...

lol @ your sarcasm going unnoticed. It must suck to be a hillary stan right now.

Dude it was so hot on saturday...and even hotter today. The heat just came out of nowhere.

Dragonflies scare me too. Well most bugs scare me but dragonflies are near the top of the scary bug file. They're huge. And despite their alleged innocuous-ness they look quite menacing.

get some mandals rashad! Don't be afraid of your feets!

asabi said...

dude just get a pedicure and rock those sandals!