Sunday, June 08, 2008

So last night, for the third time in the past year, I went to see Mr. Terence Blanchard. I went to see him at Blues Alley last August for my father's birthday, and then I saw him again at the Kennedy Center at the tribute to the music of Spike Lee's films. This time around I wanted to go see him, because my lady had never been to Blues Alley, so I thought well why not enhance her experience by taking her see one of the best.

So, we got there insanely early, in hopes of getting a seat right in front of the stage, and the host immediately disavowed me of that notion. He told me that all of the seats close to the stage were reserved for parties of 4 and up, and since my party was only 2 people, I had to sit towards the back. Just as a frame of reference, Blues Alley is not that big at all..its about the size of a gate at an airport, so sitting in the back really isn't that big of a deal. Still, I have been going to Blues Alley for almost 20 years, so surely I could negotiate my way into a better seat. The host wasn't budging though, so i stayed in the back. But I was watching how he seated each and every party that was smaller than four, so I could scream on his ass if necessary. No such luck though.

Once we sat down and got settled, a father and son sat down next to us. The father looked to be about my age, and his son was five(he told me so after the show). The father was dapper in his suit and and tie, and the little man also had a shirt and tie on with a vest to go with it. The kid was asking his dad a million and one questions like "Daddy, when does the show start?", "Do you see the instruments Daddy?", and the funniest, random question was, "Daddy is Kool and the Gang going to be here?". My lady and I were trying to not stare and laugh too much, but it was hilarious. Before the show, the father took his son by the bar, where Mr. Blanchard and his band were relaxing. The father got a cd signed, and then he introduced his son to Mr. Blanchard. It was one of those priceless moments.

Once the show started, the father put his son on his lap, and they watched the entire show like that. Sometimes the son looked to be sleep, other times he was moving and grooving on his dad's lap. I really wish I could have recorded that moment for them. I wasn't quite as young as he was when my father took me to my first jazz show, but I was just as wide eyed. It made me wish my son was there with me, because it something we could have appreciated too. After the show, I told the dad that he did a great deed by exposing his son to this kind of atmosphere. Then I went and shook the son's hand, and he called me sir(i am old), and then he told me his age. Before I walked away, I told him that once he got older, he would appreciate the good deed his father was doing for him. He had no idea what I was talking about, but he will one day..and then he'll pass it down to his kid. That's how these things are supposed to go.

Oh and the show was great.


one soulful negro. said...

terence blanchard has definitely become a staple in my music growth over the years.
primarily due to my love of film scores and my adoration of spike lee films.
i know i need to study his catalogue a lot deeper, but my appreciation of his undeniable talent and ear is quite solid.

i was supposed to go see kurt elling at the blues alley last year on my birthday, but didn't make it. i've heard it wasn't bigger than nickel, but sometimes that is the best atmosphere to see a artist perform in.

good for that father & son. that is something that little boy, hopefully, will take with him forever. so good for them.

lex said...

There is something so wholesome about this blog. :)

you and your lady...the father and his smiling just reading about it. Glad yall had a great time. I see you're putting that camera phone to good use too.

Btw im picturing your dad as a cosby type figure with a keen ear for jazz and dope sweaters. am i close?

asabi said...

great post. it made me smile.

Chubbs said...

Lovely story--and so cute! I've never been to Blues Alley, but after reading this...i owe it to myself to check it out.

Janelle said...

awwww that is soo cute!!!! His question about Kool and the Gang reminds me of my friend's 2 year and 5 year old sons who are requesting "Thriller" jackets and dancing around "scaring" people. They love that damn video. hahahahaa