Saturday, June 21, 2008

This stupid pregnancy pact story is exactly why I am so glad I had that sex talk with my son even though he is 10. I am not going to pass judgement on the parents of all those kids, because age 17 is about the age when kids think they know it all. But between being irresponsible with contraception and finding yourself with a baby at a young age is one thing. But for girls and boys who aren't married, have no job, and most likely live with their parents to intentionally sit around and say, "LET'S HAVE SOME BABIES...AND RAISE THEM TOGETHER..HOORAY"...that's just dumb. I realize I am far from the gold standard, but when I was 17, I was a freshman in college, and I know that I was WAY to immature to have a kid let alone tackle the responsibilities of regular sex. Even when i finally did become a father 4 years later, I was still immature in many ways, as was(and maybe still is) my son's mother. So I take that back, I am passing judgement on these kids' parents. This is just sad, and I hope all those kids that will be born to the 16,17 and 18 year women, don't turn into some angry hell raising kids, who shoot me in the ass, when I am 50 and trying to take golf lessons.

I am going to a wedding this afternoon, and I really wish I could bring the laptop. Weddings are just boring to me, and my lady said I don't have to go, but that's just not fair if I don't. I have made her sit through countless hours of NBA playoff basketball over the past few months, so what's an hour wedding really going to do to me right? Besides, I will be there making immature jokes about grown people, and if I am lucky, I will get to strike up a conversation with a crazy family member, who is looking to bail and get to the cash bar. I suppose I should be making mental notes about certain aspects of the wedding in preparation for mine, but that's easier said than done. I am convinced my wedding will be extremely small. I'll invite family and close friends, and then everyone else can come to the reception to dance, drink, and give me gifts..preferably sports related. I digress...

I am quite sure I have posted this video before, but I am going to do it again. The whole song is great, and all the guitar players are legendary. But Prince's performance is both brilliant and arrogant. I should have posted this earlier, when it was his birthday. His solo starts at the 3:32 mark:

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ok i digress.

that news article is beyond disturbing. it truly doesn't sit well with in my being. i really would like to sit in on a discussion with these teens about why they even remotely thought that have to kids: 1) deliberately at ages 17 and under; and 2) as a collectively group, is at all ok. that is the most absurd and mind blowing thing i have heard in a LONG time. *smh*

the best part of most weddings is the reception. especially if there is a bar, because thats when people get loose and start to over share. lol. i hope the wedding turns out at least tolerable for you man.