Thursday, June 26, 2008

Work at 12:30pm

co-worker: are you ok?
me: i'm golden, and you?
co-worker: i could use a massage
**15 seconds of me giving her the Jim Halpert face**

co-worker: don't you want to give me massage?
me: no
co-worker: it won't be that bad
me: i think it would be
*nervous laughter all around**

seriously man, i need to invest in a camera, and attach it to my neck like those smokers do when they've overdone the whole cigarette thing. then i could have excellent video to back up these stories.


Chubbs said...

damn...who are these women you work with? See...another reason I would not move back to DC...crazy, desperate women.

Disclaimer: No offense to Rashad's other readers. I can talk smack about DC b/c i grew up there :-)

sixfive said...

and this is a DIFFERENT woman than the one who wanted to eat lunch with you?

rashad said...

nah this is the same, crazy and desperate woman from before..

Miss Black River said...

Maybe you can get some money outta this with a sexual harassment suit.

tia said...


lex said...

this woman is crazy...crazy in love!

uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh

she's a heavy hitter jack. no doubt about it. im just wandering where she got the idea to just randomly ask a coworker for a massage. like forreal crazy lady?

watch this one she's wily. she's trying to pull the demi moore disclosure gambit

KCHOP said...

If she throwing it at you like that and that easy, it's bad news downunder son!

KAAAAAYYY Cee Cee Cee Cee Cee

Haa Haa!

asabi said...

so what is it about you that makes your co-workers get all fresh? you should bottle that stuff.