Thursday, July 03, 2008

The arrogance of some men blows my mind sometimes. I saw this 450-500lb man walking down the street today with his gut hanging out all over the place. To make things worse, he was only about 5"6, so he basically looked like a male version of Aretha Franklin. As I walked towards him, there was an attractive woman in front of me, who had what we in the business like to call "large assets". I barely saw it because I was focused on my music, but Big Ruben not only fixated on this woman who looked to be a third of him, but he grabbed her arm and said, "hey baby can I talk to you for a minute?". It was at this point that I turned the volume down on my ipod, so I could hear what his game was like. The woman immediately grabbed her arm away from him, and said "Excuse you!", and started briskly walking away.

At this point, Big Gilbert stopped and watched this woman walk away, was like "goddamn she got a big ass". Then he tried to do the thing that men often do, which is involve me in his mess. There is always one jackass who sees something attractive, then tries to unify all the men in his presence to cosign, like he's Obama or something, which sometimes calls attention to the woman in question. Anyway, this guy looked at me, and said, "you saw that ass right?", but at this point I pretended to be all in my ipod, because I wanted no parts of his shenanigans. Everyone looks at everyone and there's no problem. But if you are going to ogle, grab, be borderline disrespectful, and stare like Serena Williams is buck naked in front of you, at least be in shape..please. That's my PSA for the day.

Speaking of Serena and Venus, I wish I was at home watching them play right now. They are thisclose to playing in the Wimbledon final.


Chubbs said...

actually, can the message instead be: "don't grab, ogle or disrespect at all--no matter what shape you're in"? But, I will agree it's doubly offensive when the guy looks like he stepped off the shit-truck.

In my experience, men, with the exception of bums, tend to grab, cat-call, or disrespect women when they're surrounded by their boys or an audience. It's not so much that they're trying to score a date, but more about them wanting to impress their crew and affirm their "masculinity." Men at Large wanted you to be his ego-boosting audience.

lex said...

I said it before and i'll say it again:

men are gross.

you're an exception to rule of course. :)

one soulful negro. said...


i hate when dudes spit game at women. it is the most uncomfortable thing to witness, especially in cases like this.
when did "hello? my name is...
whats yours?" go out of style?

and then, as you said, the arrogance that follows, shit is down-right pathetic.