Thursday, July 31, 2008

Before I start this entry let me flash my disclaimer which says, I do not in any endorse making fun of or mocking homeless/mentally ill people. It is nation-wide problem, and instead of writing about them for my own personal gain and humor, I should helping with the I kind of did when I worked for HUD.

Speaking of disclaimers, remember this one at the start of MJ's Thriller? I wonder where sleeping with little boys fits in on MJ's personal conviction list?

Anyway right before I walked in the office, I saw a homeless man who was clearly afflicted with some inner demons. This is not at all unusual in downtown DC, so I was not taken aback at all. He was about 20 steps ahead of me, and he was just walking down the street talking to himself, and minding his business. Then, as if something in his head clicked, he ran on the street, stopped in front a car, crouched down in a catcher's stance, and he yelled out, "Hit me goddammit" to the oncoming car. I immediately burst out laughing. When you wake up in the morniong, you realize anything is possible but you don't expect to see that. Upon further review this man was not only mentally ill, but drunk too(which I admire at 9am). I ran in the street, gently escorted him out of the street, fought off the stench of beer, and asked him if he was alright. He looked at me and said, "Man I'm fine, what the hell is wrong with you, I almost had him". I just made sure he was off the street, told him to have a nice day, and came into the office.

Perhaps I should have escorted him into the Starbucks for a sobering cup of coffee, but I figured saving him from moving cars was enough. I really should have taken a photo of him first, then saved his life, but when my superhero instincts kick in and the signal is given, I'm helpless you know?

Drive - Bobby McFerrin


I got Something to Say said...

Rashad. You are one Funny person.... On one day you’re in an altercation of sorts with people on a train and the next day you’re helping homeless people... I read your blogs everyday and it's very entertaining and informative at times. Keep up the good Work... But try having a little more patience with the non homeless. LOL

Janelle said...

Thanks for the disclaimer but that shit was funny as hell!!!!
something to say is right: you have more patience for the homeless than the non-homeless. That's just racist!!! hahahahahahahahaa

Anonymous said...

What a hero! LOL I read your blog every chance I get. I really enjoy your perpective on your daily grind called life.

Miss. Lady said...

Seee! This is one of the reasons why I miss working in Downtown DC. More entertainment before 9 AM than one will get all dang day.

I am glad you saved him from himself that was rather nice of you but I am mad you laughed first.

Eric said...

I can't even front... I would have laughed too. I probably would not have gone in the street to get him so you get recovery points for that. Personally, I'd be scared he flip out and try to kick my a** or something.

Never200 said...

lol - man... you and homeless people

sixfive said...

man.. that's a LOT better than the drunk and possibly homeless guy outside Busboys and Poets the other night that fell and smacked his head on the sidewalk in front of us, then, after he finally got up, fell again onto a tree planter, smashing THAT in the process.
He had two golfball-sized welts on his head afterward, and when the medics came I made sure they were takin him to the hospital. Of course, they probably dropped him on some quiet corner somewhere.