Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I am sitting here in Bus Boys and Poets, trying to get motivated to write an article for my main man Sabin D. I had two doctor's appointments to attend to earlier in the day, and I said I would sit in here all day long until this article was written, but its not working so far. I have about half of it done, but its not quite flowing the way I want it to..I think the official term for it is writer's block. This rarely happens when i sports articles, but this article is about my ambivalence about attending church regularly, and its hard to write. Perhaps I should start drinking wine to get my creative juices flowing..I don't think this counts as an official blog entry, I'm just trying to write my way out of this mental stalemate. This is the kind of thing that has me wondering if I could regularly write about something other than sports...anyway, thanks for listening to my free flowing stream of consciousness about absolutely nothing.

Sabin, if you're reading, I'm trying man..don't give up on me yet.

i'm ordering wine now


Miss. Lady said...

Can't say I feel you on the writer's block but I do feel you on attending church regularly as I have issues with that.

Since I tithe online when I get paid and they show a live webcast of all the services; I have a tendency to sit home, crank up the laptop and watch the service from the comfort of my own home.

Jesus be a fence around me for real!

maxwellsmusze said...

miss.lady please share the link to this virtual church. tithing online is gangsta.

your sister in christ,


£ex said...

how'd it work out?

Miss. Lady said...

LOL! The name of the church is Reid Temple AME.

They broadcast all three services and Wednesday night Bible Study.

You have the option to tithe online or go into the church office and have them automatically take the money out of your bank account monthly or bi- weekly.

I have got to stop doing Webcast Sundays with Deacon Sheets though.