Monday, July 28, 2008

I arrive at my job this morning to chaos. There was a fire on the second floor of the building, which is causing all kind of leakage on the first floor where I work. We just had a fire alarm only to be told mid-evacuation that it was a false alarm. My office has no water damage, but a few short steps from where I am typing, there is significant damage, and quite honestly it cannot be safe for me to be here. The building security has asked that everyone evacuated the first floor and head up to the fifth floor, which is pointless considering my work is at my desk. So I am a good 10-15 minutes away from bailing, and going back home to the comforts of my apartment.

When I walked in here, the first thing I smelled was that burnt smoke smell, I just immediately thought back to my fire right quick. That smell was in everything I owned for a good two weeks, and its something I'll never forget. Its also something I no longer need to linger on and get sad about.

This chaos is totally upstaging what I originally wanted to write about, which was my weird dream. I had a dream that I was in my old high school office talking to my principal back then and Michael Wilbon. All of a sudden, Wilbon asks me if I want to play a game of football and I say yes, and magically we round up enough people to play an 8 on 8 game of tackle football on the ground of my old high school. I don't remember any plays, I just remember saying out loud, "That is Michael f**king Wilbon". Then I woke up.

I also had another X-rated dream involving my girlfriend and a movie theater, but i'll spare you.

i'm being asked to vacate my office now...

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£ex said...

The roof
the roof
the roof is on fiahhh!

we don't need no water...

Seriously though, after your traumatic experience im glad you are able to deal. :)

lol @ your dream. I would say that that was a random appearance by the wilbon, but since you're a sports guy it actually makes perfect sense. You totally love him.