Saturday, July 05, 2008

It is the holiday weekend, and as a result I am feeling extremely lazy. I was supposed to get a haircut, and even take in a movie, but I decided to stay my ass in the house. This morning I watched Venus and Serena play in the Wimbledon final, and it was beautiful. Usually when they play, the quality of tennis is subpar, and they both appear to be too nervous to play. Today, the quality of tennis was simply beautiful, and I enjoyed watching every minute of their match. Venus won, and she was happy, but you could tell that despite her joy, she was not TOO happy that her victory came at her baby sister's expense.

So while I was watching, I thought about how I would feel if I played my brother at any sport on the highest stage. And I came to the conclusion, that if he and I were playing tennis at Wimbledon or in any other sport, I would try my hardest to whip his monkey ass. And if I won, I would jump and down and celebrate as hard as I could. Not only that, but during the match, if I was winning, I would yell all kind of rude things across the net, and I would talk some jive to make my brother mad. Its not that I don't love him the way Serena and Venus love each other, its just that my love wouldn't reveal itself unto him, until after I beat him savagely. And then during the awards ceremony, I would be classy, and give him all the props he deserved. Now if he beat me? I'd pout like a 10 year old.

So after Wimbledon, my lady and I just happen to find the movie Forget Paris on pay per view. It is a fantastic movie starring the hilarious Billy Crystal, and if you haven't seen it, I highly suggest it. So during the movie, I notice one of the characters has a highly recognizable voice, but I'm not quite sure where I know it from. Then, my lady told me that voice that I heard was that of Marge Simpson, who in real life is played by Julie Kavner. I have been watching this movie for 13 years, and I had no clue that was Marge Simpson's voice. So that alone is reason to rent that movie.

Sarah Mclachlan - Building A Mystery

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lex said...

I don't know how i would feel playing against my sister. Fortunately, though i play tennis, i pretty much suck - and will never have to face that situation.

lol @ you getting your Rodman on with your brother. Terrible.

But yeah, i applaud venus and serena for playing the heck out of that game. I love them so hard.

I've never seen forget paris, but maybe i'll check on the strength of your recommendation, and the fact that i had no idea that julie kavner did anything but voice work. Does she have blue hair like marge?

And sarah mclachlan! I'm so lilith fair and granola right now!