Friday, July 18, 2008

So, in celebration of his monumental 30th birthday, my brother and I set foot in the strip club for an evening of nudity, drinks and ignorant behavior. It got old after about 20 minutes, but there were two instances worth writing about.

One, there are AKAs all around Washington DC as they celebrate their 100 year anniversary. While we were in the strip club, a group of 4 AKAs, all dressed up in their pink and green, set foot in the venue. They showed their IDs, and took two steps in, and realized that they had made a horrible mistake. Women were bouncing, spreading and shaking, and it was too much for them to take, and they bust out laughing, and high tailed it out of there. The drunken old man next to my brother and I kept saying, "man I WISH they'd come in here". Funny stuff.

The second thing I saw wasn't funny at all, in fact it was downright disgusting. One of the strippers was on stage dancing completely uninspired, then she had the nerve to go around to each of the patrons in attempt to collect extra money, and people were barely acknowledging her. My brother commented that in Atlanta, the women work hard for their money, and the dudes have no problem forking over the money. Clearly that wasn't the case with this lazy woman. And then, to make things worse, she got right off the stage, paid for her Chinese food that was being delivered, and she ate right there at the table. She didn't go in the back, she didn't put all her clothes on, she just sat there half naked, eating Chinese food..and then had the nerve to be pseudo-classy by using chopsticks. I mean at that point, she may as well have emptied all the little cartons in her mouth. As Seinfeld says, there's good naked and bad naked, and eating food, halfway clothed, while other women shake their ass for cash, and when you have to go back on stage in 20 minutes, is straight up nasty. My brother and I felt disrespected, and for that to happen in a strip club is QUITE a feat.


Eric said...

This isn't a comment specific to your latest entry but it is a comment about your blog in general.

I don't read a lot of blogs. As a matter of fact, this is the ONLY one I read. I find it extremely entertaining. Part of it is I live/work in the DC area so it's easy to connect with some of your thoughts. More than that - it's just funny as hell (because it always has some truth in it). I also admire your honesty. I have a journal ( but I don't have the balls to be as honest about some things. I just can't say so-and-so's album sucks because most if not all of those cats can play better than me. Instead, I won't say anything about it.

I was in Kentucky for a jazz workshop last week (yep... Kentucky) and I made a point to catch up on everything you wrote while I was offline. If you ever write a book - I'm buying that joint with the quickness.

...and if you are curious, I stumbled on your blog searching for info on the Terence Blanchard/Spike Lee concert at the Kennedy Center. I started poking around and I've been reading daily ever since.

Good stuff bruh.

rashad said...

Thank you Eric, I appreciate the love.

Anonymous said...

ugh..I'm supposed to be going out with friends tonight to The Penthouse...please please please tell me you guys didn't go there.

Kawana Cohen-Hopkins said...

LMAO!!! You guys should have gone to Baltimore. The strippers are much better there....... I mean, I've heard they are much better there.


Anonymous said...

im' an Alpha and i'm tired of seeing them around.

one soulful negro. said...

i am personally ready for the AKA's to go home.
i love my sorors and all. i mean they are respectable and classy..etc, etc...but they have just been a bit much this week for me.

i wonder what made them just wander into a stip club?

and while the stripper sitting at the table half naked eating her chinese food is disgusting as hell, its also funny as hell.

& i have to agree with eric. unlike i do read several blogs, but i am very selective of the ones that i read and even more on the one's i comment on. i read yours daily and even though i have been kinda M.I.A in the comment department due to a heavy schedule your blog is truly unique and one of its own kind. filled with entertainment & truth. keep doing what you're doing brotha.

Janelle said...

awww look at all the blog love the Black Larry David is getting. now go shit on a bitch...hahahahahahahahaaa

LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

I can already tell you were at the Penthouse.

rashad said...

I was at the Royal Palace in Dupont