Wednesday, July 23, 2008

So yesterday I got to cover my first MAJOR press conference, which was called by the Washington Wizards to announce the re-signing of one Gilbert Arenas.. I had been to other smaller scale press conferences, but I knew that this one would attract media from all over the country, because Gilbert is indeed a megastar.

Because I was paranoid that I wouldn't get a decent spot at the press conference, I got there insanely early. I work about 5 minutes away from the Verizon Center, and I left my job at 11:30 for a press conference that started at 1pm. I rushed on the train, greeted the security folks, ran down the hall on to arrive to a room that was full decorated with no one in there but me:

So I took out little pen and pad, and started jotting down story ideas and introductions, while texting my lady about how excited and early I was to be at the press conference. On the actual court of the Verizon Center, the Washington Mystics were practicing so I briefly glanced at them. Eventually, writers, photographers, and other media started coming in, and I was glad I had gotten there early. One of my favorite bloggers sat directly next to me with his laptop, and we talked briefly.

Eventually Gilbert came out to rousing applause along with Abe Pollin (who curiously look like this guy), the head coach and the team president. The press conference was short and sweet, and although I didn't get to ask a question, I was able to get some fantastic quotes and audio. As I left the event, I did see Gilbert in the hallway, and I said hello and shook his hand, but that was it. Hopefully during the season, I'll be able to sit down and do an extensive interview with him.

I just wanted to share my experience yesterday. That's all I have. Oh and as usual, go here and read my article, as well as the other fine articles on that site.

Oh did you all see the catfight last night?


sixfive said...

I don't even know what to say about that catfight...other than that is the most exciting thing that ever happened in the WNBA and it was STILL unexciting. Not sure why Candace was so mad.

rashad said...

i just think candace has a chip on her shoulder, so any little thing would set he off. plus karl malone's daughter had sonned her earlier.

sixfive said...

actually, I had the players mixed up.. I thought Parker was the other woman. Now I see she was the one thrown down so it makes sense she was that mad.

Eric said...

Not to overlook the Gil press conference but the WNBA brawl was crazy. I found this blog entry on USA Today and Lisa Leslie was described as a "36-year-old mother".... huh? Can you say SPIN?

Any way - on to positive things... I'm about to check out your article now.

rashad said...

i saw that b.s., and i was not pleased. the story has legs on its own without all that spin. and rick mahorn is not making my alma mater proud this evening.

Anonymous said...

*drools* gilbert arenas

£ex said...

you go boy!