Saturday, July 12, 2008

There are these people protesting not too far from my apartment, and their premise is that Scientology is wrong. There are like 40 people out there with signs, costumes, and other props, and considering its about 90-95 degrees out there, that is some serious dedication. One of the guys came up and gave me the flyer you see above, and he came up to me and said, "Do you want to know why we're protesting Scientology?", and said "No, I just wanted to know why you were protesting." And he proceeded to tell me how wrong Scientology was and how it was a cult, and then I responded by telling him that he and his people were protesting on the EXACT spot where a biker was killed earlier this week, which just so happened to be in front of the Scientology church. He looked dumbfounded when I told him that, and then I just walked away laughing.

I don't know enough about the damn religion to speak on it passionately either way. But I am just as skeptical about people speaking out against a religion as I am those who are a little too gung-ho spreading it. People choose religion for their own personal reasons, and as wrong as it may be to me or anyone else, I can't just go around telling them their way is wrong. Perhaps there are some exceptions, but I can't think of them right now. Besides, all that protest did, is make me want to read more about Scientology, so I think I'll do that. If they have church services on Saturday, and not Sunday(aka football day), I may be worshipping next to John Travolta and Tom Cruise sometime soon.

By the way, its day two of this iPhone 3G business, and I STILL see lines everywhere. Now THAT is a cult, perhaps the Scientology protesters would like to tackle that one.

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