Friday, August 29, 2008

Again, by the time you're reading this, Obama's speech will have been analyzed, sliced and diced each and every way possible, so I know I won't be breaking any new ground by discussing it myself. Still, that was quite a performance he put on last night. He was a little more aggressive towards McCain than I had seen him in the past, but I am quite sure he has paying attention to his own party's criticism in that regard. He also got much more specific with his plans than I had heard him do before, and considering the grand stage, this was the perfect time for unveil that. A couple times I found myself thinking as a speechwriter for McCain, wondering what I would extrapolate from Obama's speech, what I could use against him, and what the Republican crowd next week in Minnesota would want to hear me say against my Democratic rival. I wasn't necessarily being negative, I just know that at least 5 or 6 people in McCain's party are doing just that if not more. It will certainly be interesting next week. But last night was Obama's night, and he killed it.

There also needs to be some of comedy show that puts imaginary thought balloons on members of the audience during an event like the one we saw last night. The facial expressions on some of those audience members needed to be documented. Some were crying, some were filming, some looked downright skeptical(Go Hillary!), some looked proud, and this one man I saw in the audience, looked like he was searching for a lovely lady to bag later on that night. That was the event within the event, and my lady and I felt a bit immature for focusing on that while the great speech was going down, but hey, that's how it is. As good and on point as Obama's speech was, I got bored at points, and searched for comic relief. And you know you did too, so don't just us.

That's all for today. My son and mother will be here this weekend, and I'll be taking my son with me to flag football practice with me, so I am quite sure there will be a million and one stories to tell.

Oh and happy birthday MJ. Release some new music, work on the wardrobe, and be less creepy. That's MY wish for you. Here's my second favorite song/video of his:

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one soulful negro. said...

i've been waiting on your view on his speech all day. so i am very glad to finally have read it. enjoy your weekend with your son and mother.

peace man.