Sunday, August 10, 2008

A few years ago, a baseball player named Rafael Palmeiro, had to testify before Congress about whether he had ever used steroids. There were other players who were up there testifying with him, but it was Palmeiro's testimony that stuck out the most. He emphatically pointed to each member of Congress, and said that he had never taken any type of performance enhancing drugs. About a year later, not only did he test positive for drugs, but he tested positive for steroids, not the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) that so many other baseball players were taking, because it was hard to detect via test. When Palmeiro got busted, all the media outlets, referred back to his vehement denial, and it just made him look stupid.

This is what I thought of when I see video of John Edwards denying that he had an affair, just a few weeks ago. Not only did he deny any wrongdoing, but he got smart with the woman who was bold enough to ask a question, he had already answered many times over. So then a few weeks later, you not only admit you were lying, but you tell the world your family knew, and you want forgiveness. Much like Palmeiro above, he should have just come out and admitted it when first asked. Sure he would be slammed, but he'd get sympathy points, he'd be on Oprah, and he'd be back in the saddle in no time. As it stands right now, he's fucked, and again, much like Palmeiro, he may never get his good name back.

I really didn't want to write about that, but I figured if I peppered in a sports analogy, it wouldn't be as tiresome as it is when reported by the big media outlets.

Other Sunday observations:

-David Gregory is hosting Meet the Press today, someone read my blog, and heard my pleas

-I have stayed up until 3am the past two days, watching Big Brother After Dark. I am addicted.

- Even though I am scared of the water, I need to start swimming man. I am a straight man, but when I look at the physiques of some of these swimmer, I realize I have work to do.

And finally, here an excellent video by Gnarls Barkley, entitled, "Who's Gonna Save My Soul"


LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

Take the free swiming lesson at one of the DC pools. The indoor pools are cleaner than I thought.

Miss. Lady said...

Ahhh damn...that video was real deep. I can really relate.

TM said...

I have a few words on the Edwards scandal myself but I'll keep them for my entry.

I can't get into this season's Big Brother. I damn sure can't stay up to watch After Dark. This is the first night in weeks that I've been up this late. This sucks!

JazzBrew said...

Man... did you see that swim relay where the US walked down the French in the final lap? Again, I'm not a big watcher of swimming in the Olympics but that was some exciting stuff.

So what was the story with the French cat Benard... was he talking trash before the event? I can't find anything on that. If that was the case it makes the victory 10xs sweeter.

rashad said...

i saw that race, and i nearly jumped out of my apt. relays, whether via track or pool, are always exciting. and yeah that french cat was talking BIG trash

Janelle said...

damn I can't get no cred for putting you on to that Gnarls Barley video??? That's just racist! hahahahahahaha

And ummm why do we give a shit if John Edwards f*cked someone other than his wife?? Is this REALLY relevant to anything??

£ex said...

swimmers have amazing bodies.

but yeah.

that edwards scandal is something else. I guess i'm jaded with all the political philanderin' because when it all came out, all i could muster up was half-hearted look of disgust.