Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I was feeling like dirt today, so I stayed home. I almost didn't blog at all, and then about 5 minutes ago, I saw the woman in the picture above come across my television screen. Why are people still calling her ugly? I still don't get it.

That's all I got today, tomorrow I will be back to "normal".


Sab D said...

Cause them dumb mutha*#&@^#r's is crazy.

Miss Black River said...

Those folks are haters - she's stunning!

Miss. Lady said...

Mhm, she is actually starting to look a lil cute. Maybe it was the braids she was wearing... I don't think the braids were befitting of her face.

£ex said...

"she's quite a handsome woman..."© elaine

seriously though, i think her muscularity throws folks off. And i will admit than when she and venus first started out their looks were um...not that hot.

but they've both blossomed, serena especially and they're looking quite nice.

did you see the photos from her new spread in men's fitness? she looks great.

who says linebacker shoulders can't be sexy? (hatehatehate)

rashad said...

You know Lex, I will continue to ignore your attempt to besmirch Serena's good name and body. As Big Brother AlmighTEE said about the Mission College Homecoming Queen, "SHE'S SO FIIIIINE"

£ex said...

*angelic look*

what rashad? did you not read that i said she looked great in the fitness magazine spread? i gave her her propers!

(don't mind me im just jealous of her tautness lol)

rashad said...

I saw you praise her man, then you had a backhanded compliment..we shall agree to disagree..