Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm sorry to be complaining so early in the morning, but its a must at this point. When someone asks me how my weekend was, I keep things to a one sentence, three word minimum. "It was alright", "It was quiet", and sometimes I get verbose with it, and I'll say, "I had a really good time". But that's it. I do not like the multi-syllabic, long drawn out sentences, because it leads to a ridiculous amount of small talk. It is rude not to ask folks how their weekend was after they have asked you, so when I ask, it is my hope that they will take a cue from me and keep it short.

So this morning, I walked in late, and I was asked about my weekend, and I rolled out the standard, "It was quiet" canned response. I waited a good five minutes, then I mistakenly asked about her weekend..totally forgetting that folks ask you about your weekend, so they can talk about theirs. She went on and on about some family dinner, how much money she spent, how she can't stand cooking macaroni and cheese, and how tired she is. My answer was 5 seconds, hers went on for 10 minutes, and the only reason she stopped talking is that I started typing. This isn't even something she did wrong, its just a peeve of mine. Perhaps I'm being a bit anal.

I was late because I had to make my second ever trip to the gynecologist. I'm still not satisfied with the lack of male magazines there, but I heard the baby's heartbeat, so we are excited all over again. No one probably cares about this, but the heartbeat was slower than when I heard it before, so the baby is growing. Good times. I learn the sex in a few weeks, so that's even more exciting.

By the way, if you are in the MD/DC/VA area, and you know an attorney that specializes in small business law, please let me know, so I can pass the info along to my brother.

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£ex said...

awww babies!

but as far as work pleasantries go, i could take or leave them. im sure my coworkers take just as little interest in my weekends/weeknights as i take in theirs.

(save fore the weirdo janitor who takes way too much interest in what i do in my off time)

anyway, i need to stop reading your blog as you are reinforcing all my negative habits lol