Saturday, August 16, 2008

It is not an unusual sight to see women topless while on the beaches of Miami. Even though there is a sign that says no nudity, that is enforced as much as the no alcohol sign. Most of the women here just take of their tops while sunbathing, but others actually get up and go to the ocean sans their top. I would say that 90% of the women going topless are B cups or smaller, so they aren't impressing anyone with their nudity. My lady has given me permission to look, but not stare at this women, and I do so in a tasteful fashion.

Today, about 2 feet from where my lady and i were sitting, there was a woman who decided to go topless. She had recently had a baby, so her breasts were at least a D cup, maybe bigger, She just took her top off, and had them all out, and my lady and I noticed. This type of display makes life difficult for me. She was right in my field of vision, so when I tried to look out somewhere, there were big ass breasts in my face. My lady would look at me every now and then to make sure I wasn't staring, and I wasn't, but I mean damn. And at one point, she had the nerve to rub lotion on them, like she was in her bedroom...if I were here solo, I'd look and take pictures...but it wasn't, so it sucked.

There is a hurricane coming to Miami on Sun night/Monday morning..I might have to leave early. But I'm not complaining.

Oh and this 41 year old U.S. swimmer, Dana Torres who won the silver medal tonight, is on a performance enhancing drug. It'll come out one day.


JazzBrew said...

Your lady is definitely a keeper.

£ex said...

lol @ the braless wonder

she tested your mettle and you came through with flying colors!

hopefully the storm won't be too bad, but you and your lady be careful please