Thursday, August 21, 2008

My father first turned me on to track and field back in 1984, about a few months prior to the 1984 Olympics. We were living in Newtown, CT (the home of track star Bruce Jenner aka the clueless stepfather of Kim Kardasshian), and not only was I running track for the first time, I was watching and learning about the main players in the main events. Back then it was all about Carl Lewis, Evelyn Ashford, Daley Thompson, a steroid-free Flo Jo and Jackie Joyner-Kersee.. Back then I ran the 100, the 200, the 400 and I did the long jump, and I wasn't too shabby, regardless of whether I won or loss my dad was right there.

Since then I have watched 6 Olympic games, attended numerous indoor and outdoor track meets, and ran the 200 and the 400 in high school. For the events I attended and participated in, my father was right there talking strategy with me like he was my own personal Bela Karoyli. For the ones we watched on the telly, he would do the same, and then we'd talk about who would win, would the record be broken and things of that nature. Not many people I know are into track and field during a non-Olympic year, so its refreshing to talk to him about this.

I say all this to say that last night after watching Usain Bolt just obliterate Michael Johnson's 200 meter record, I called my dad to talk about it, and he didn't answer the phone. In fact, my brother had been calling him all day to tell him about our cousin passing away, and he didn't answer the phone then. My lady told me not to worry, and for the most part I am not, but it is just odd that we didn't talk afterwards. So this entry, or at least the first part of it, is my way of calming myself down. Hopefully he'll call this morning.

So I don't end on a depressing note, if McCain is dumb enough to pick this goofy lookin fella as his running mate, then he is a jackass. He'd only be doing it to pick up the votes that Obama is losing because Clinton is not the nominee, but still its dumb. And to offset that, Obama should chose Clinton, despite the fact that his people would kill him for it. That's my opinion. Sadly, Obama has to pick his running mate first because of the timing of the Democratic National Convention, so its unlikely that he'll be bold enough to do this.


JazzBrew said...

Now I can understand your love for Olympics games. I have certainly enjoyed it more than I did in the past. Very compelling stories and performances. I'm bummed that the US softball team lost. It's tough considering it might be the last time that event is in the Olympics.

I never thought ANYONE would beat Michael Johnson's record. Straight up - he was my cat. Bolt is a monster though. I've never seen anyone that fast before in my life. Actually, all of this prompted me to buy a book about Jesse Owens.

Let's us know when you hear from your Pops.

rashad said...

I did hear from him about an hour ago, and we talked about the games, so all is well. he had a late meeting last night.

Miss. Lady said...

I am so glad I stopped by and read this. I was about to IM you on GC and inquire about your Dad. I'm glad to hear he is ok.

JazzBrew said...

Man........ did you hear about the US 4x100 relay teams?? How does that happen to both squads? Nerves?

rashad said...

It has to be lack of practice man..but i heard about that and it is sad. the jamaicans are just squashing us right about now in the sprint events.

£ex said...

ok my first question was going to be about your dad, but now that i know all is well i'm relieved.

as far as track...i wish i had run track in school, and then maybe my legs would be worth something. Instead it like somebody stuffed mashed potatoes into sausage casing. *vomits*

as far as usain bolt...i'm happy for him, but i dont know, part of me always gets sad when records get broken. I guess i feel bad for the broken record holder.

rashad said...

I feel you there Lex. I never wanted to see Michael Johnson's record broken