Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My son Carlton turns 11 years old tomorrow, and as is our annual ritual, I called him and asked him what he wanted. I told him to give me five things he wanted with the first item being something he knew he was going to get and number five was to be something that was a stretch, but still a possibility. I do this to not only teach him a lesson, but to help me figure out what the hell to get him. I know I am getting him a Clinton Portis jersey, which kills me as an Eagles fan, but I'll get over it.

So when I reached my son last night, his list was as follows:
1) 2 Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Books
2) A subscription to ESPN the Magazine
3) A movie (apparently of my choice because he did not specify which one)

I said Carlton, I gave you 2 weeks to think about this, and this is all you came up with, and he said yes Daddy. Selfishly speaking, my wallet certainly does not mind spending what will add up to less than $100 on his gift. But he clearly has not learned the art of testing your parents to see what they will do. Plus I am the non-custodial parent, which means he could conceivably guilt me into buying an extravagant gift(not bloody likely). Then I thought his shyness in the gift department could be attributed to his mother constantly shooting down his requests for financial reasons. Who knows what the reasoning is, but when I get down there tomorrow we will have yet another talk.

So since I am off work the rest of the week, today is technically my Friday, so does that mean I could have worn jeans? Women can wear jeans when its raining hard, why can't I wear them on my personal Friday?

Cherokee - Clifford Brown


sixfive said...

Couple comments:
1) Damn, I forgot you're an Eagles fan (as am I)! Glad we resigned Westbrook.
2)You're mad about his list? I'd be happy he asked for books. Unusual for kids his age..but I guess you're trying to figure out what the issue is with him not asking for more.
3)Hell yeah you can wear jeans on your personal friday (at least I do). You're in the federal government right? Of course, I have jeans on today, so maybe I'm not the one to ask.

rashad said...

oh i'm happy he asked for books, i just wonder why he didn't ask for something bigger too. maybe im nitpicking. and i'm happy about westbrook, but i'm still not happy that McNabb has no receivers.

Miss. Lady said...

Maybe he is asking for things he knows he will definately get.
Or, maybe he is hoping that he will luck out and you will get him everything he asked for since the list is rather small and the items are for the most part are inexpensive.

If that is really the case then he is a really smart kid.

JazzBrew said...

Clifford Brown!! Yeah man...

Wow... they still make Choose Your Own Adventure books? I read those joints when I was his age and that was a LONG time ago.

No video games on his list?? I'm impressed. Sounds like you have a good kid on your hands (says the man dreaming of Madden 09 after staying up till 2AM playing Metal Gear Solid 4).

rashad said...

I'm sure he'll want Madden '09, but I will dangle that in his face as one of his incentives to do well in school between now and xmas.

Janelle said...

When full fledged teenage antics strike and he wants $5,000 sneakers, remember this post! hahahahahahahaa

In true Larry David fashion, you should have worn the jeans and just not gone to work! hahahahahaha

maxwellsmusze said...

hmmmmm some kids, especially boys, are just easy to please and not materialistic. count yourself as lucky. the requests for $100 or more tennis shoes could be right around the corner.

clearly he's no diva like his dad.

one soulful negro. said...

your a good pops man.
a real good one.

i really hope your son appreciates and cherishes you, as it seems he does.

you seem bold enough, i am surprised you didn't just roll in your office with jeans on and give a look daring someone to question it or to say something.

Chubbs said...

Be happy you have a son who isn't a wallet-grubbing spoiled brat. And he wants books for his birthday--I love him already!

rashad said...

He'll get Jordans(aka $5000 sneakers) when HE has a job

i'm no one's diva..if you saw my shoe collection you'd know

one soulful negro,
this is a new job, i can't act defiant just yet

of course he's smart, look at his dad

ive been shoving books down his throat since 2, he better like them

£ex said...

i'm all late but wow...11 yrs? g'head young carlton.

His wish list was impressive...most impressive. © you know who. Though it still kills me that he's not an eagles fan...like his father before him.

and choose your own adventure! i loooved those. One of my favorites was "who killed harlowe thrombey?" Edward packard wrote the best cyoa, imnsho.

and i've never had the pleasure of my job allowing me to wear jeans because its raining. the ladies at your job are luckyyyyyy...© napoleon dynamite