Saturday, August 23, 2008

One of my new co-ed flag football teammates was nice enough to give me a ride home today from practice, and while I was sitting in her car, I found myself wondering what other people think of me. When I told her I had an 11 year old son, and another on the way by two different women, I wondered if she judged me? When I explained my lady and I weren't married, but we planned to be, I wonder if she made a note in her mental chart..I wondered if she gleaned anything from me saying I was a Hampton grad. These are things that you rarely know unless you know someone long enough for them to let their true guard down. I can't say I care she think either way, because I am who I am. But I am quite curious about what new people do with the collage of images they are given upon initial contact.

Speaking of flag football, it kicked my ass in the worst way. I have played basketball over the past few months, and I have gone running, but neither one of these activities really prepare you for football. There's running fast, then stopping, there is cutting, throwing, reaching behind for the football, and other things I am surely leaving out. I am very excited about the season coming up, but I MUST work myself into shape.

I was so sore that for the first time in at least 2 or 3 years, I found myself drawing a bath(what does that mean really?) and resting my body and head in the tub. Initially I just added liquid soap to the water, then my lady came along and kicked it up a notch and made it real masculine with lavender scented bubble bath. Scoff and laugh if you want, but I am relaxed now.

Blues Traveler - Run Around


Anonymous said...

Just game 3 you'll be use to the pains in your legs and arms

£ex said...

blues traveler!

i do believe i had some kind of weirdo psycho-sexual crush on john popper @ one point.

like...i'd date him but he'd have to be my um..secret love. © lutha

anyway, i spent my saturday watching dudes play rough touch, and being an impromptu cheerleader.

it was so cute how - in that brief moment in time - they all felt like pros. And then afterward they paid the ultimate price, all of them complained of pain. lol and the thing is all of them were like 34 and under! i was surprised that they were feeling that bad. thank goodness i had ibuprofen on deck.

boys i tell ya.