Friday, August 22, 2008

Since I started this new job back in June, there is a woman here in my office who marketed her birthday like crazy. I remember the second day I was here, she sat down in my office and said she wanted the Mission Impossible box set. If I was her friend, her man, or even her family member that would be no skin off my back, but for her to tell me that, kind of rubbed me the wrong way..but I kept quiet. Then when another member of my office had his birthday, she came and took my little $10 birthday fee for him, and then she again reminded me and everyone within earshot that she wanted that damn boxset. My annoyance meter jumped a little higher, but it still remained under control. Then, before I left for Miami, she said to me, "Be sure you contribute the $10 for my birthday", and the non-home training side of me wanted to stick my middle finger up and give her a GFY, but then I remembered I was on my way to Miami, so I smartened up.

So when I get into my office yesterday, there is an email that says thank you for my Mission Impossible gift, and she acted surprised and incredulous, like McCain and Obama had simultaneously texted her their running mate selections. My lady said this is no big deal, but I vehemently disagree. I don't mind signing cards, I can mildly tolerate birthday lunches and dessert parties, but I do NOT like being steered when it comes to giving gift to coworkers. Its manipulative, wrong and a tad bit desperate in my meaningless opinion. Then she tried to lure me into her web, by asking me what I would want for my birthday and I said, "Straight cash homie".

One other work complaint. The following conversation ocurred at 2:30 pm yesterday with my officemate:

Her: Have you heard of RuPaul?
Me: Yes
Her: Have you seen him dressed as a man?
Me: Yes
Her: (turning her computer screen): Well have you seen this picture?
Me: (not looking up): Nah I'm good
Her: no, you really should look at this picture, he looks terrible
Me: I gotta tell you, I'm really not all that pressed to see RuPaul, especially he looks as bad you say
Her: Ok, but he really looks terrible
**At this point she went on and on to herself(or me I don't know) for a good 10 minutes about RuPaul**

I am going to document this, and put it in my why-I-need-my-own-office-file that is quite sizable at this point. And if anyone in my office is reading this, I apologize that you rolled up on my displeasure like this. But this is how I feel. I like this woman, but I would love to like her from afar.


Miss. Lady said...

Rashad, I am ill and a little slow today. What is GFY?

rashad said...

that's what it means

£ex said...

ok i was about to request a GFY clarification but i see miss lady already handled that for me.

but seriously who are these people who don't know you shouldn't solicit presents or strongarm gifts? birthday or not. unless specifically asked, you take what folks give you from the kindness of their addlepated hearts.

*eyes crocheted suspenders fondly* :/

lol @ you avoiding the rupaul picture. Yeah you do need your own office.

and as far as wanting to like someone from afar, i feel you buddy.

As i always like to say:
i wish we were better strangers...

Miss Black River said...

I thought it was Good For You. You know said with an attitude :).

Janelle said...

it took me a minute to get the GFY acronym too but I shall use it from now on. hahahahahaha

I told you to start singing highly offensive rap songs in your office. Hum "It ain't no funnnnn, if my homies can't havvvvvve none" and she will want to leave the office. Or just fart. Repeatedly.

Miss. Lady said...

LOL! Rashad only you. I will be using that heavily.

rashad said...

i cannot take credit for that, i stole it from my lady.

Eb the Celeb said...

Your better than me b/c I would have given her a GFY times 2... who demands that someone give them a present?

Funny how none of the people who commented knew what GFY was.. I use that mess all the time!

Almost bought a