Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Unless I missed something, there were no epic tennis matches at the U.S. Open last night, so I had to watch Ms. Clinton's Democratic National Convention speech. Given the obstacles she was facing going in, I thought she did a bang up job. I even laughed when she made the Twin Cities/McCain and Bush are twins joke. Still, the whole convention is a glorified pep rally, and the eyes of some of those Clinton/Biden/Obama supporters were just downright scary man. But as my mother said this morning, whether you want to watch or not, you probably should, just so no one can color it when their own rose-colored glasses when they are recollecting what exactly happened. That being said, I am REALLY looking forward to Joe Biden's speech tonight, because he is liable to say something off the cuff to make me laugh and to make folks uncomfortable..that is unless the speech writing cult has reeled him in and tamed him.

I find myself wanting to run up to every pregnant woman I see, and bombard them with questions about how many months they are, do they know what the sex is, how is father holding up and all that. There are so many things that folks do not tell you about the emotional, mental and physical aspects of a 9 month pregnancy, and this has been quite a learning experience for my lady and I thus far, and there are still 5 months to go. My lady and I will definitely be writing a book about this whole thing, because I am quite sure someone else can learn from this. I said I wasn't going to be one of those people who talked about the baby and the pregnancy every day in my blog, but I am and I will, so fuck it. This is kind of a big deal.

This video came on while I was clipping my fingernails yesterday, so I thought I'd post it up in the blog. This is back when I had a crush on Faith.


Janelle said...

Yes I was impressed by Senator Clinton's speech. I liked that she called her supporters out and that joke was oh so on the mark. But did you happen to catch the interview of the black woman after the speech who was crying about how she would rather NOT VOTE than vote for Obama because he's not Hillary and that who she wants to vote for???? Mannnn, I was so pissed. Like did you hear anything your beloved Hillary just said??? How could you NOT vote??? I would have rather her said she will vote but it would be a lesser of 2 evils kind of vote. People have been doing that for years. Yeah and her weave/wig was stank! hahahahahaha

You need to create a men going through pregnancy support group. Where you guys can share the shit no one tells you, verify if that excuse for no sex is legit, and commiserate on all the things you can't say to your hormonal but lovely significant other. Get on it, bro!. hahahahaa

Miss. Lady said...

Hil did her job...her supporters on the other hand... I already blogged commentary on that this morning so I won't go there.


Do blog about the baby, don't bombard random pregnant women with questions. If you have questions ask a friend who has already roled with the punches of pregnancy and child birth. LOL!

Just wait until she hits that second trimester! LOL!

maxwellsmusze said...

hillary's got the pantsuit game on lock! i wish she'd go another way just once. her closet is pantsuit skittles heavean.

AND OMG!!! I just watched the black lady crying over hillary. what in the name of jehovah!?!?! she acts like she has a deep, personal connection w/hill. like a loving tasted that sweet white nectar relationship. very strange.

£ex said...

Rashad you are getting so soft and cuddly now...i'm not sure what box to put you in...:)

and lol @ you mentioning that you were clipping your nails. Its those nuggets of info that make this blog so stellar