Sunday, August 03, 2008

When you live with your lady the way I do it is rare that you get an entire day to yourself in the house. Sometime I get home before her and I have a hour or two here and there, but an entire day alone is rare, and that is the situation I find myself in today. I had a laundry list of items to accomplish today: write two articles, shred some old bills, go play basketball, call my son, and that was it. Exciting stuff right?

Well I have done absolutely nothing today. I ate leftover pizza, I watched this fight, I watched that fight, I played around on the internet, and I watched/analyzed some adult videos. I got nothing accomplished, and even now I am blogging instead of being responsible...oh well.

My dad could not stop smiling yesterday when I told him a baby was on the way. He didn't pressure me to get married or question my decision-making skills, he just said congrats and he couldn't wait. That made me smile too

I'm not a big fan of Lil Wayne or Lloyd but the song I am going to post below has successfully gotten to me, and I can't stop playing it


Kawana Cohen-Hopkins said...

That's my jam!!!


soft and subtle said...

Don't beat yourself up for doing N-O-T-H-I-N-G... enjoy all the free time you can get. When the baby arrives, that free time will quickly disappear and so will your sleep time. Make sure to invest in a really good digital camera and video camera too.

£ex said...

lloyd is my sexy young boy, and girls all around the world is a spectacular song. In fact...*cues up mp3*

lol @ you "analyzing" adult videos.

but yeah, im a big fan of doing nothing, so you get any flack over your sabbath from me. We all need that @ times.

JazzBrew said...

That's the beauty of weekends bruh... if you make a list and blow it off... who cares. I always have these big plans on weekends but they usually go in the toilet after I get home from playing golf.

And once college football and the NFL start... forget it.