Thursday, September 04, 2008

As much as I knew that Sarah Palin's speech last night would be historic and interesting, I chose to spend my time watching the Venus/Serena match at the U.S. Open. The quality of tennis was just too good for me to just stop watching abruptly; however, I did watch the tennis match with the volume down and I heard most of Palin's speech. She did a damn good job.

Given her relative inexperience on a stage that big, she absolutely knocked it out of the park. She spoke highly about her running mate, played up her background, and then she slammed Obama the way she's supposed to do. Sadly, after watching her speak, you kind of wished that SHE was running for president, not McCain, who looked about 80 years older than he really is when he appeared on stage after Palin's speech. If McCain's speech is not as dazzling, Palin's efforts will be for naught. I also think characterizing Obama has only a great public speaker with grassroots experience was a mistake of Palin's. You can't be the governor of Alaska, and then criticize a man who worked in one of the larger cities in the United States helping everyday people. Aren't those the same people, Palin accused Obama of talking down to? If I was in Obama's camp, I would play that up big time. Other than that, I was impressed.

I still feel nauseous, and my energy level isn't fully back to normal, but I am going to work today. The guy who trained me when I started a couple months back is leaving for a new job next week, so I have to pick his brain fully before he leaves, and I cannot do that laid up on the couch sick. But if I feel a hint of sickness creep back on me, I will not hesitate to travel right back home to the comforts of my bed.

So Have I For You - Nikka Costa

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£ex said...

glad you're feeling a bit better.

And, i love that nikka costa song so hard. Thats a great album.