Thursday, September 18, 2008

I had quite a day yesterday.

First, around 3pm I found out that Washington Wizards guard, Gilbert Arenas had surgery on his knee, and would miss the start of the upcoming NBA season. Almost immediately, I temporarily set aside the work I was doing(sorry boss), and I got more details on this surgery, and I sat down and wrote a story on this for hoopsaddict in 20 minutes. Because this was a breaking story, I felt it required immediate attention. 5 minutes after I wrote it, my main man Ryan edited it, put it on the site, and here it is. I think that's the fastest I have ever written an article. Usually I sit around and procrastinate trying to figure out what I want to say.

Not even five minutes after that article was written and published, my lady called and told me she finally had the good news. But of course she didn't tell me right away. She teased me a little bit saying she knew and I did not, and then she went over some other information the doctor gave to her. Finally she told me that we were having a boy, and I could barely contain my smile. Thank god I was in the office by myself, because as soon as she I hung up the phone, I went around my office(the shared one, not the new one yet) and did the Tiger Woods fist pump.

After the pump was over with I started thinking about sports to introduce my son to, piano lessons, Spanish classes, him spending time with his grandparents, my older son, my brother, my nephew, etc. I know I got way ahead of myself, but for about two or three hours yesterday I simply could not help myself. Even as I type this, I am still on cloud nine, which is funny considering my lady is only halfway thru the pregnancy.

Now the name game begins. I have mentioned to some of you that I want my child to be named Melvin, but my lady shot that down like a skilled sniper, although I continue to push for it behind the scenes. My second choice is Niles/Nyles, but I am also getting lukewarm response. I won't give away any of the other choices are the table, out of fear of baby name theft; however, if anyone would like to throw some suggestions out there for us, that would be terrific.

In a totally unrelated note, last night before I went to bed, I saw the video for Alexander O'Neal's, "If You Were Here Tonight". Now I don't know if Mr. O'Neal ever came out of the closet to reveal he had the ghey. And I also don't know if in the 20 years since this video was released, I have forgotten just how androgynous some singers were back then. But what I DO know is that there is no way on God's green earth, that Alexander was singing abougt a woman in this damn video. Wanting and missing a woman you're in love with just does not provoke the type of reactions this man was having. It is still a great song, but the video is just..well...see for yourself:


sixfive said...

Congrats man.. introduce him to the Philly Eagles too please.

Anonymous said...

maybe A. O'Neal was in a bromance? *shrugs*

rashad said...

as my boy sabin mentioned yesterday, i'll be looking for infant sized McNabb AND Cunningham jerseys. This kid will be an Eagles fan, like his father before him

rashad said...

there's no maybe

JazzBrew said...

I was hoping you were going to write something on Gil's surgery. I'll be hitting HoopsAddict after this and add my comments there.

Regarding the name - I'd name my son after my Dad or myself. If that got shot down I've always liked the name Miles (for obvious reasons).

That putt Tiger dropped NEVER gets old. I swore up and down I'd keep watching golf in his absence but it just hasn't happened. Sort of like hoops without Jordan (but I got over that eventually).

Alexander O’Neal… man… I forgot about that cat. He used to be my dude. Hmm… considering how that video looked that didn’t sound the way I meant it.

JazzBrew said...

Speaking of McNabb he looked damn good Monday night. It was good to see him playing in top form again.

Anonymous said...

I was curious about alexander o'neal after seeing the video and found this:

On WifeSwap in London, interesting

rashad said...

Miles is definitely on the list, although that name is kind of popular now. And McNabb looked damn good on Monday, although I still think he could have played better in crunchtime.

Anonymous said...

I was curious about Alexander O'neal after seeing the video and found the following:

He lives in london with his wife?

rashad said...

that video is NOT helping alexander's case at all. the drug use has finally caught up

Miss. Lady said...

Aww once again congrats. Niles or Miles is cute. Melvin?? I can see play ground fights breaking out now. Don't do it to the kid. LOL!

A. O' Neal? Geigh? I thought Freddie Jackson was the one that was geigh. Or is it both?

Carmen said...

Congrats. Enjoy sleeping now!



rashad said...

freddie is definitely gheying it up

thank you for the suggestions. i like ahmad the best

maxwellsmusze said...

congrats rashad!

you CANNOT be serious about melvin?

Sab D said...

Man, context & perspective is everything. Alex looking madd sensitive .... was it a fly or something flying around towards the end - he was looking all over the place.

Anyway - Melvin? C'mon Dawg, it's the new millenium. That's like naming a little girl Shirley - we just don't do that no more.

JazzBrew said...

Rashad - I want you to know that this blog entry had me listening to Alexander O'Neal on the Metro ride to work. In the Wife-Swap YouTube clips he referred to himself as an R&B legend several times. While he definitely had some bomb songs, legend might be a stretch.

Of course I'm still trying to figure out how I was able to watch that video when I was younger without feeling uncomfortable. "Alex... why are you looking at me like that bruh?"

rashad said...

I enjoy Alex as much as the next man, but a legend he is not

Ms_Blue (lastfm) said...

I'd have to vote against Melvin, simply because it reminds me of Melvin Riley from RFTW. (Which isn't bad, love his voice - but a little before your son's time.) Lol. How about Terrell (sp? Terell). I've always liked that name.

"Now I don't know if Mr. O'Neal ever came out of the closet to reveal he had the ghey." I can't stop laughing at that sentence (or that video). What's up with how he was acting in the end? So funny. Thanks for that, Rashad.