Monday, September 22, 2008

I know at least 9 or 10 women who at some point in their lives, have been intimate with other women. Some did it in college, some did it in high school, some did it in their 20s and 30s, but ALL the women who did swear up and down that they are heterosexual. They just explain their behavior away by saying they were curious, or perhaps there was a little alcohol involved, or maybe they wanted to please their man by doing what HE wanted, and then they found themselves liking it. The pervert in me thinks this is terrific, and far be it from me to discourage any woman from doing something so natural, so right, so passionate, so erotic. Plus, now that I am having a son, I don't have to worry about such things affecting me directly. But it did make me think..

Women will sit around other women in the nude, or scantily clad, and no one finds it peculiar. In that environment, its no wonder that some type of perversion jumps off. But guys just don't do that. I have never sat around half naked with my boys, listening to the Wu-Tang Clan, thinking to myself, "Man I always did want to tap that ass.." It simply does NOT work that way. Or maybe it does, and I am just being naive, which is entirely possible. Anyway, women will fool around with women, swear up and down they are straight, and dare you to say otherwise. But if they met a man who had even done so much as to kiss another man, they would want nothing to do with them. That my friends is a double standard. Now I know I shouldn't care given that I don't have such experiences under my belt, but still, it does make you think. Or maybe it doesn't. This whole topic is a minefield any damn way, but these are the types of weird thoughts that cross my mind at 12:18am.

In an unrelated note, my main man Sabin came to visit this weekend, and it was fun. Sure we probably looked old and out of place in the club, and yeah we spent the entire football game talking about how things used to be, but it was fun. I've know that dude 16 years now, and we have families, more money, more problems and more responsibilities. But its still refreshing to hang with your boys every now and then. This paragraph in combination with what I wrote in the first two paragraphs is just one big bag of wrong..oh well

Edith and the Kingpin - Joni Mitchell


Chubbs said...

In Europe and a lot of other countries, men are more comfortable with their intimacy and sexuality...and you may meet many men with wives who've had encounters with men...and think nothing of it. American men, not so much.

Folks here seems to force you to choose one side or the other..and these women you speak of--simply decided they didn't want to play by those societal rules. I say screw the rules...have fun, enjoy life, but be honest and upfront.

£ex said...

while i'll admit i've seen my gfs in various states of undress(and in some cases nude) its never been a sexual thing. no skinemax latenite poppin off w/me lol. Its more like yeah whatever we have the same parts so im not going to bother covering up or nothing.

that being said, i know of a number of ladies who have experimented with other women. *shrug* i can't call it. i have a funny story about the time my coworker asked me...

ANYWAY ive been called gay teasingly cuz im obsessed with breasts but who isn't? its not a sexual thing tho its more that they are magnificent and a nice rack is always appreciated. i stay on contrast and compare mode.

that being said aren't u into sports? i've heard tell abt mens locker rooms, kibbles and bits all over the place!