Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It was my intention not to write a blog today until my lady called me with the exciting news regarding the sex of the baby, but she has yet to get the news. Patience is not one of my strengths, so this wait is driving me batty. I mean how hard is it to figure out whether the genitals are internal or external?

My brother and I went to a bar last night to watch my beloved Philadelphia Eagles barely lose to the Dallas Cowboys. Now, it is my understanding that every man and woman know the rules of engagment when you sit your ass down at the bar. If there's nothing of note on the television, you talk about current events and sports, you occasionally glance at the tv, and you look around at the surroundings. If there is a game on, all conversation has to be about the game, or the commericals surrounding the game, but you don't dare bring up anything else. That's how things go.

So while my brother and I were watching the game this effeminate(gay) man was sitting next to us. At first he made it clear to us that he was a Cowboys fan, and that he was going to make fun of my Eagles. I had no problem with that at all, since I talk trash during games too. Then he started talking to my brother about the problems of Washington Mutual, Fannie Mae, Lehman Brothers, etc, and it got downright annoying. My brother and I enjoy a healthy discussion/debate as much as anyone, but the game was on the flatscreen. Not only that, he had already asked me if Philly was my team, and I said hell yes. Sports is a form of escape, so why would I want this nation's problems colliding with my three to four hours of football paradise. Clearly this dude didn't get it.

To add insult to injury, this dude was looking at Jamal and I like we were there to fulfill his erotic fantasies, and I was not feeling that at all. I know this is the part when people(women) will tell me that I am homophobic, and I am probably blowing this out of proportion. But I wasn't. There was lust and lewd behavior in this guy's eyes, and it took everything in me not to say something foul. Instead, I chose to watch the foul ending of the game.

That is my offering for the day. This is nowhere as exciting as a sex-of-the-baby announcement, which I hope is still forthcoming later.

Oh and my office move is almost complete. I just need the brother who works the phones here, to switch my extension over, and then I am free of this crazy woman. Speaking of her, she is currently talking about how she can't stand ox-tails. And for the record, I did not ask her, "So what's your stance on the ox-tail situation?" She just got a little Rain Man in her, and just blurted this out without provocation. This is what I am dealing with...temporarily


Miss. Lady said...

You soon to be former office mate is proof that any one can obtain and hold down a job.

Hate to break this to you but babies sometimes don't want you in their lil business so they won't open their legs or they may give you a bunch of a$$ shots in order to avoid you finding out what the sex is.

Hey, they are tempermental little beings even in the womb.

I hope your Lady calls you with some news. :)

maxwellsmusze said...

i agree with miss.lady after my boss rescued a baby squirrel READ: RODENT and brought in back to the office and nursed it back to health for 2 days. anyone can obtain and hold down a job.

i hope you get the news soon and the sex you ordered.

nichole said...

boy, that man was not stud'n y'all.

the baby is a girl!
i've made my prediction.

£ex said...

ugh i can't take the anticipation! :)

anywayz last night's loss to the cowboys ripped my heart out my chest and did a little sombrero dance on it's aorta.

i was crazy grumpy this morning when i awakened and then i remembered why. the eagles lost. lol

lol @ your encounter with the gay cowboy fan(is that redundant?) sound like you guys handled the sitch well.