Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My lady, who felt better enough to go to work today, instructed my still sick ass to stay off the computer, but I had a bit to say, so I'm disobeying. Some sick observations:

-I am scared to eat or drink anything, because I have little to no faith that it will stay down. Even the Pediolyte I had last night came up a short time later, so now I may as well be on that Gandhi diet. I'll try again later on this morning to drink some ginger ale, water, or Pediolyte. How exciting is that? Three nights ago i was enjoying a fine glass of red wine, now I am reduced to this

-Nothing says love more than you and your lady taking turns in the bathroom less than 5 minutes apart. i'll leave it at that

-One of the best parts of my illness, is that I was able to watch the entire first season of the Showtime drama Californication. People had been telling me how good the show was, but I finally saw for myself. Check it out if you can.

- I have missed two days of work, pushed back an article I am supposed to do, and I will miss flag football practice today, all because of this illness. I shouldn't feel guilty, but I do. I rarely miss work, and I rarely get sick, but this is no time to play the hero you know?

Back to bed


JazzBrew said...

Hang tough brother.

Chubbs said...

omg...feel better. i feel your pain--i think.

i've been wanting to check out californication...especially now, since David D. has admitted to some sordid sex obsession. love it.

£ex said...

lmao @ chubbs comment

"sordid sex obsession" haha perfect!

anyway glad your lady is feeling better, now we gotta work on you! Keep trying to keep the pedialyte down son. We need some more annoying officemate stories! :)

maxwellsmusze said...

HAHAHA @ chubbs!

i has been quite some time since a man has admitted to sex addiction. what do they give you in rehab for that?