Friday, September 05, 2008

Once again I was fully aware that John McCain was speaking tonight in front of the RNC, but I could not get excited at all. There was a Washington/New York Giants post game show that I wanted to watch, and then there was the Roddick/Djokovic tennis match that I wanted to see as well. When both of those programs were at commercial, I reluctantly turned to the convention to hear McCain speak, and I was unimpressed.

McCain's cadence is boring, his body language is like pouring Nyquil in my eyes, and for him to have to speak after the electrifying Palin is just a crying shame. McCain is a good dude, and he's actually one of the better politicians out there right as is Biden (for whatever that's worth). But public speaking and debating are two of his weaker points, and that will be magnified over the next few weeks. Too bad Palin can't just prop McCain up Willie and Lester style..

Anyway, i'm sick of conventions and prepared speeches at this point, I want to read detailed prose about what policies they plan to propose, who may fill their respective cabinets and what they plan to accomplish in their first 100 days. I want pointed debates by moderators who have no particular political agenda (RIP Tim Russert), and I want Biden and Palin to say some stupid shit, and then spend 48 vigorous hours cleaning it up. I want some Saturday Night Live appearances, town hall meetings (preferably in my neighborhood), and less pompous commercials where they let me know who approves what message at the end. Is that too much to ask? I mean damn its almost September, isn't is supposed to get good right about now?

Without going into too much detail, there is nothing more frustrating, than hearing that one of your parents is going through heartbreak in their late 50s..I couldn't even offer good advice, I just changed the subject and tried to stay upbeat. Although I am sure it can be done, dating and finding a mate in the late 50s to early 60s cannot be fun at all. This is just another reason why divorce is so damn devastating. Who wants to find someone new when you're set in your ways already? Who wants to learn how to have sex with someone at that age? Who wants to have to train someone to laugh at the corny jokes you tell? I know I wouldn't.

In an attempt to keep the mood upbeat, I'll shall post an alternate version of my favorite song right now: You're The Only One - featuring Eric Benet and his 17 year old daughter:


Anonymous said...

You must be feeling a little better because you haven't mentioned a toilet in this entry..good job!

Miss. Lady said...

Yeah man McCain put me to bed real early last night. I think his weakness in speech and debate is going to hurt him in the end. He was not motivating, did not sound convincing at all. Or, could that just be the biased liberal democrat in me??

Plus I am tired of the conventions and speeches myself... let's get this show on the road already.

P.S. You really must be feeling better, good.

sixfive said...

No offense to women, and Venus and Serena hit the ball hard, but Roddick and Djokovic were destroying it last night. Just wanted to get to a 5th set.

That Skins/Giants game was terrible, as was McCain but we all expected that.

soft and subtle said...

Oh wow....loved the video clipping featuring Eric Benet and his 17 year old daughter. Can't wait to see the footage of you and YOUR daughter singing remakes of Michael Jackson's biggest hits, since he IS your favorite performer. lol Glad to see you're feeling better chief.

Chubbs said...

the roddick/djokovic game...i was there...and it was really a good match! i'm officially a djokovic fan! mccain=ugh.

rashad said...

see chubbs, you're just showing off

£ex said...

ok i checked for it, and its not a bad song so you're off the hook. :P