Thursday, September 11, 2008

There is a scene in the movie, Casino when a female reporter is interviewing Sam Rothstein(Robert Deniro). She is trying to get him to say that he is the boss, and Sam goes through a long explanation of that a gentleman named Mr Green is the boss, and he merely helps out on the day-to-day operations. At one point, Sam says, "In a sense, you can say that I am the boss, when Mr. Green is away." In the paper the next day on the front page, there was a huge quote in big black letters that said, "Sam Rothstein says he's the boss". Everyone in the room knew that headline was taken out of context, but the problem was there were only four people in that room, as opposed to the millions who read the wrong quote in the paper. Sam didn't stand a chance.

I bring that up to say that this "lipstick on a pig" pseudo-controversy is completely ridiculous. Personally, I am not a fan of the expression, but it is not because I think it is sexist, I just think the expression is corny. Obama could have said, "you can't piss on me and say its raining" or some other expresssion that says, you can't fool me by masking the real truth. The visual on "lipstick on a pig" is just not pleasant. I digress..

When you watch that speech that Obama was making, anyone can plainly see that McCain was his target. He set it up by criticizing McCain's voting record, and his willingness to side with George Bush in the past. Palin wasn't even mentioned during this particular speech, and she damn sure was not the target when Obama uttered the corny phrase. But to someone less intelligent or to someone who lacks critical thinking skills, you can make that leap and say that he was attacking Palin on the low and he is sexist. Its a stretch of epic proportions, and I can't believe there were entire news segment dedicated to this bullshit. I also can't believe I have dedicated several paragraphs to this issue.

If you haven't already, I would really like for you to over to I want you to read the article I wrote yesterday, and then I would like for you to check out the other writers who work their ass off. Even if you are not a basketball fan, surely you know someone else who is. This may sound like I am begging, and that's because I am.


sixfive said...

People are fucking idiots, and nothing that has gone on in this campaign season has changed my mind on that one bit.

Anonymous said...

whoo hoo political season is in full swing...i've already seen the obama slandering commercials by Mccain..

Has anyone noticed McCain always looks like he's about to have a stroke when a flash bulb goes off? he does this twitchy..blinky thing with his eye...dah well..happy hunting.

Miss. Lady said...

McCain looks like he is about to drop dead at any moment.

There are a lot of stupid people out in there in this fine country and the republicans know it and they are playing off of their stupidity.

It is clear to me that McCain and his campaign is a pile of doo doo. I can smell the stinch. They are just spraying it all with lysol to cover up the smell, throwing powdered sugar on it and trying to serve it as candy... and stupid people are eating it and saying it is magically delicious. How gross is that?

Kawana Cohen-Hopkins said...

WHat the hell does lipstick have to do with helathcare, the environment, the economy, terrorism, the housing market, or education.

I'm pissed off.


JazzBrew said...

I loved Obama's response to all of the chatter with regards to this latest sound byte. Once again they are trying to keep the focus off the issues(see Kawana's post above).

My concern is he is putting a lot of faith in the American public to see through the games for what they really are. We have to remember that these are the same people who gave Bush another 4 years.