Tuesday, September 09, 2008

When I was a youngster watching and playing sports, my father gave me some useful advice. He told me that I should never root for anyone to get injured, because it is in poor taste. I could root for the other team to play badly, or I could simply root for my team to play better, but wishing for someone to lose the ability to play was not cool. That being said, I was not totally happy that Tom Brady got hurt and is out for the season, but damn if I didn't feel a little smug.

You see last year Tom Brady was talking a bit of smack before the Super Bowl, and that bothered me. He was acting like his team simply could not lose, and when the possibility of his team losing came up, he scoffed and laughed it off. Then his team went out and lost the Super Bowl, and I was the one laughing. So in interviews this year, Mr. Brady came back and made it seem like that Super Bowl loss was a minor setback, and they were going to return to dominance this year. Then he got hurt. I wish him well, and I hope he can come back soon, but I'll enjoy watching his team slip in his absence.

Other Tuesday observations:

-Whenever I slack off and then resume my workout regimen, I am always amazed at how good I feel, and then I am angry at myself for not being consistent with it. This morning I got back on the wagon, and I feel like a rock star. My libido is through the roof, my muscles are sore in a good way, and I have boundless energy(that will fade after lunch). My amended goal is to lose 15lbs before the election. Perhaps I won't be so angry all the time, if I am working out consistently.

-I wanted to write an entry about my boy Cliff catching his roommate masturbating while he was in college, but I think I'll do that from home, not at work. Its a great story. How's that for a tease?

-Barack and Michelle Obama look like they have sex every single morning and night. They just have that look that says, I am getting it well and often, and you're not. Conversely, John McCain and his wife give off a different type of vibe. It looks like McCain sits on the edge of the bed every morning, and his wife dries him off after a shower, lotions him up, gently pats his genitals as if to say, "no way in hell are you getting this today", and then dresses him slowly.

-My son's mother has some kind of benign tumor that is causing her to lose a great deal of weight. She says she'll be fine after surgery, but in the back of my mind, I wonder if I should start making room for young Carlton in my househould..that's not me being negative, just prepared right?


Miss. Lady said...

The Obama's do have that glow about them. You can look at them and tell they really love each other.

I don't think you are being negative, you should always be prepared as anything can happen.

I would check to make sure she has her stuff in writing... you don't want any issues if something (God forbid) were to happen to her.

JazzBrew said...

My Pops taught me the same rule regarding injury and the other team. Still, being a SD Chargers fan I was more than smiling when thinking about Beli-cheat and the Patriots struggling this season.

Hater in the house? You bet your ass.

£ex said...

man...the sorrow i felt for brady was negligible. his smugness was gross and did not help his cause in my eyes, no matter how fine he is. I mean i hope he gets better and that it isn't a career ending injury but...well it must suck to be a patriots fan right now.

*crosses fingers that mcnabb stays healthy*

positive thoughts to your son's mom. its wise for you to be prepared but still i hope she continues to be ok.

as far as your boy cliff and his roomate - shall we call him "jack?" - what in the homo...?

Chubbs said...

tell the masturbation story!

it's a scientific fact that if you fall off the workout wagon, it's easier for you to get back on, than for someone to get on the wagon if they've never been there. hmmm...i meant to be encouraging, not confusing.

Arlene said...

Big R, If my daughter is anything like her mother when she was preggers, she'll keep the glow going for you two!!

It's smart to be prepared. You don't want to be like folks who refuse to evacuate for a category 2-4 storm, and then later are screaming from their rooftops to be rescued!!!

You're a thoughful and loving dad.
Your Lady's mom