Monday, October 27, 2008

For reasons that are way beyond the amount of intelligence my 33 year old brain as accrued, my girlfriend's ex is still calling her cellphone. They basically split up in May of last year, and when he kept calling last summer, I kind of understood that. When someone gets dumped, and they still want the other person, their inclination is to keep calling the person for a bit just to be SURE that their decision is indeed final. And then usually the person who did the dumping either reaffirms their decision, or they cave and the relationship resumes(and usually fails again). In this instance, my lady gave him a GFY and that should have been the end of it. But it wasn't.

Since last summer this jackass calls/texts at least once a month, and of course my lady doesn't answer. Sometimes he leaves messages, other times he simply hangs up. Even MY ex stopped calling/texting me at the end of last year, and we were together on and off for about 6 years. Of course it didn't help that I gave her my blog address while we were still together, so once we split up she still checked it, and saw some content that no ex should have to be subjected to. Oh well.

Anyway, back in September my lady's ex called, and she ignored it, and I decided that the next time he called, I would answer. Now I am not exactly an imposing figure, nor would I characterize myself as an intimidating figure, but that damn sure was not going to stop me from answering the phone. Our lives have been rough lately, and while it isn't nice to take it out on anyway around me, it sure would be nice to take it out on an ex who should have BEEN gone. Of course, he stopped calling for a spell, and I thought that he had finally gotten the point, which would mean my chance to be an ass had come and gone. Then he called last Thursday.

When my lady said it was him, she threw me the phone, and then a devious smile came across my face, and I answered the phone. I heard fumbling on the other side of the line, and then he hung up the phone. What the hell was that? You've been calling this number since last summer, you never get an answer, and then someone finally answers and you don't even fight for your ex-lady's honor? Plus you deny me the chance to verbally antagonize you for at least 5 minutes?

Anyway, so that I don't end on a negative note, let me wish everyone a beautiful week. And here is an inspirational song.

Chuck Mangione - Feels So Good


Miss. Lady said...

LOL! @ The ex. I still have exes that do that mess and it has been years... but for me if it becomes an issue it is nothing a good butt whipping and a possible restraining order won't make go away. :)

I love the song... that is my ring back tone for all of my callers.

Jazzbrew said...

Wow. Are we on the same page or what?

Last night I went to the Rams Head in Annapolis for a concert. The artist performing?


He is 68 years old and still sounds incredible. They did a killing performance of "Give It All You Got"....

rashad said...

restraining order? that sounds like a blog waiting to happen

i had no idea chuck was still touring, i wonder if he's coming to dc anytime soon

Arlene said...

I'm co-signing with miss.lady on the restraining order only. The ass whooping is for the barbaric. Let the law handle it, that's what the they get paid to do, to maintain cilvility.

Feels So Good is my favorite Chuck M. song. In fact it's the only one I know of Chuck's repetoire!

Chubbs said...

i feel your woman's grief. but, that's kinda how the cookie crumbles when the relationship, well..crumbles. It's kinda expected that the ex will call, and of course, he's not gonna say anything when you pick up. Unfortunately, the scorned do not go away just because you tell them to GFY. But, give it another year, and he'll likely be a distant memory by then--if you're lucky.

p.s. I had an ex call me for 3 years after our breakup...and he didn't stop when my new boyfriend picked up and told him to quit.

Janelle said...

Now you KNOW I know the lovely lady's pain. Unfortunatley, my ex is a nut (and you know this. MAnnnn) and as long as my email address is the same, my blog page is the same, my phone number is the same, he will continue his antics. And he will probably pull a bitchass phone fumble if the next man does answer the phone.

ANd unfortunately, miss.lady and arlene, restraining orders are not the easiest to obtain. Trust me I've tried. And the good old fashion butt whipping is tempting but that will keep this nut in my life. SO noooo thanks.

Arlene said...

It is a sad state of affairs, when our nation has been given the authority to frisk us and request that we practically strip down at airports, but a citizen can't easily get a restraining order to get an harrasser off our backs.

In any case, Rashad, I'd love to see a blog on "Restraining orders." LOL!

Miss. Lady said...

Janelle, it depends on what state you live in... I know if someone is doing things that are considered stalking they take it seriously here (especially if you are connected via a child); well they at least are supposed to.

I always keep a paper trail just in case I have to go that route.

£ said...

*clears throat uncomfortably*

while i don't condone the behavior of your lady's ex - i commiserate a teensy bit.

like i know what it feels like to want someone SO bad you are willing to abase yourself if it means getting back in their favor

i've done it...ONCE. not a shining moment and one for the annals for sure. fortunately i had the wherewithal to not continue embarrassing myself. however its made me more um...understanding of others who can't seem to let go. Its a tough sitch. that said, he needs to get over it. its been a year? yeah he needs to stop torturing himself with it. i mean really. poor thing must have been shocked out of his gourd when you picked up the phone. LOL

but yeah let me get out of this post before it starts strumming my pain with its fingers and that other stuff roberta flack was sangin' about.

rashad said...

between confessions and advice on how to properly acquire a restraining order, this has taken quite an interesting turn. I just wanted to throw the man under the bus for a minutes...