Monday, October 20, 2008

I am going to assume that no one who has been reading my blog the past couple of days, appreciates the fact that I have discussed my urine and the container it has been deposited in at great length; however, I am happy report that today officially ends the "urine chronicles". After I made my last deposit this morning, I combed through my apartment looking for a nice shopping bag to house the package, and I finally found a nice sized grocery bag. Then I braved the January like morning temperatures and I made the 10 minute walk from my apartment to LabCorp. While I was en route, I thought about how the cold temps would affect the package I was carrying; I thought about what would happen if I dropped it and it spilled all over the mean streets of NW Washington DC; I also thought about how stupid I felt, but I finally got to the LabCorp and made the dropoff. The lab technicians acted like they couldn't touch the container, and they made me put it down, sign a sheet, and then I left End of story. Hopefully all is well and I am still healthy.

Colin Powell needs to start entering some of these Poker competitions, because I swear he would win every time. Then again, he probably would find a politically correct reason not to get involved. Never in my life have I seen a man who gives more ambiguous answers to seemingly mundane and easy questions. Even when he was announcing his endorsement of Obama, he deftly sidestepped the clear cut answer, until he was good and ready to reveal his decision. Then he spent the rest of the interview giving answers without really answering the questions, and he did it all with a straight face, with the occasional smirk or smile. There was a time when I thought he'd be a great president, but now I just want him playing poker, and giving me his winnings.

And today is my ladyfriend's first day back to work, since losing the baby. If you have a spare moment, send a prayer up for her, because I want it to go smoothly for her.

Urine, Colin Powell and prayers...just a typical Monday morning.


Arlene said...

Hahahaha! It's not urine it's mine!
It's certainly is great news to hear that the pee drop offs are complete. My Lady, Welcome back to another "Work is Hell" week.

Straight or crooked face, Colin redeemed himself with me yesterday. While I am still pissed off with him for going before the U.N. and making a case for the U.S.A. to invade Iraq, I think he gave a brilliant bitch slap to the Repub Party. So now Masa is not happy with him for speaking out. He can now go quietly into that good night! Thank you General Colin Powell, job well done.

Janelle said...

Mannnn no one wants to touch your urine- both literally and figuratively(apparently the lab techs read your blog too. LOL)

At first I thought Colin Powell wanted to retain some favor with his party with his artful dodging of the questions but then like you said he wanted to speak his piece when he was good and ready. He knew everyone already knew what he was gonna say (it was 'leaked' to the media on thursday or friday, he just wanted you to wait until he was ready to say it. That makes good television man! Respect his authori-tie! hahahahhaaaaa

I'll continue to send up a multitude of prayers for your lovely lady and for you as well. ;)

£ said...

noooo! ending the urine chronicles? just as they were getting good! I'm cracking up at the thought of you walking down the street with a box o' urine. its like me and my llama of pbs fame. only your llama was like...pee. swinging your arm in time with your jaunty gait. it prolly developed a head. oh wait...i just grossed myself out. lol

seriously I hope all the test results come back negative and you are given a fantastic bill of health.

lol @ colin powell and him giving his poker winnings to you. slammin idea! he sure does have a poker face. i'm sure he has a tell but i've yet to see it.

positive vibes going out to your lady. :)