Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I did something pretty impressive(for me at least) last night, that I must share with the blogging community. For the first time since I was a single man, I cooked, washed clothes, and washed the dishes all in one night. I could have added "I folded the clothes" to that list, but my lady is adamant that I do not touch the folded clothes, because I allegedly don't know what I'm doing. She does not let me make the bed for that same reason, but that's another blog entry.

But anyway, my lady was pregnant and resting, so I was thrust into the position of playing Mr. Mom, and I think I did a damn good job. I lightly marinated tilapia in teriyaki sauce, sauteed some spinach, and heated up a bag of brown rice. This seems silly for me to be hyping up such mundane things, but this is huge for me. Now the TRUE test for me is if I would do these things on a Sunday when copious amount of football are on the television.

While I was washing dishes last night, my neighbor knocked on my door and asked for my assistance. She said because it was Rosh Hashanah, she could not turned the stove off or turn the bathroom light on. So I walked into her apartment, and I saw about 8 women sitting around having dinner, and all of them were excited to see me. Granted, the apartment was smoky as hell because clearly the stove had been on too long. Still, I spoke to everyone, did the duties they requested of me, listened to 5 million thank you sooo muches, and then I left. Since I don't feel like looking it up, I need someone to explain to me why Jewish folks can't turn off the stove or the lights on Rosh Hashanah


JazzBrew said...

Regarding being Mr. Mom during football Sunday -- it's all about television placement. I can wash/dry clothes AND prepare a meal (cheddar bay biscuits) without missing a single play.

sixfive said...

"all of them were happy to see me". LOL, now that's how you come in the room..
maybe you could start a Rosh Hashanah business where you go around turning off ovens and bathroom lights for women.